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23 Things Men Should Avoid Doing with Real Women at First Meeting

Have you been rejected and ignored by women? You are at the right place. I have revealed the 23 things men should avoid doing with women at first meeting.

Unlike most men, I haven’t dated a lot of girls, but yes! I’ve missed severally and my heart was once broken.

Yeah, twice! Haha! Don’t pity me.

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So in this article, I have put together the critical things that most men overlook when trying to approach women at first meeting.

These lists will shock you. So, I enjoin you to sit back, take a cup full of coffee, relax and see for yourself where you’re lagging.

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Pardon me though, I couldn’t filter these lists of things men should avoid doing with real women at first meeting.


  • Unkempt hair
  • Greasy complexion
  • Nostril hairs sticking out
  • Long fingernails with dirt trapped underneath
  • Any hint of body odor and/ or bad breath.

If the guy isn’t making any effort to look nice & smell fresh on the FIRST meeting, you can bet it’s all downhill from there

If a guy isn’t making any effort to look nice & smell fresh on the FIRST meeting, you can bet it’s all downhill from there. Click To Tweet
  • Guys who think they’re owed some form of sexual payoff because they paid for dinner.
  • If the guy acts like he should get sex on the first date or soon after- showing off sexual imposition is an immediate red flag
  • If he attempts to kiss or touch me when I’ve given no indication that I want him to do that.
  • Not listening, interrupting, and wearing a condescending and sarcastic look on his face before I even start talking
  • Checking the phone constantly—if you have somewhere else to be, don’t let me detain you. I, too, could be elsewhere.
  • When a guy asks me out and then has nothing planned- it sends a message that he wants to spend time with me doing whatever comes.
  • Mentioning his ex every 5 minutes. I don’t feel like wasting my time on someone who hasn’t got over his last relationship yet.
  • If a guy has no interest in hearing what I have to say, even if I know a lot more about it than he does.

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  • Not being able to carry on an interesting conversation. If he doesn’t ask anything about me
  • Moving too fast. Talking about wanting a relationship, kids and marriage, at first meeting.
  • Commenting on my looks and outfit in a hurtful way. No way! Offensive comments on other people will end the meeting as well.
  • Expecting too much from me physically. It’s a first date! A side hug is all he should expect and the rest.
  • Not doing what he says he is going to do. If a guy says he is going to do something on the first date and then doesn’t, straight turn off.
  • Talking much of money and trying to get into my finance. I’m not willing to discuss my own paychecks.
  • Drinking too much. Take what you normally drink and cut it in half for the first date. Usually have 2 beers? 1 is good for the meeting.
  • Making me pay the whole bill. It might sound shallow but you’ve at least gotta pay your half.
  • Tells me that he usually doesn’t date fat chicks, but he made an exception for me—and expected me to be grateful
  • A guy who is rude to servers or workers wherever we may go is a huge turn off- an indicator of how you’ll treat me in the future .

Hopefully, you’ve seen those things that made the lady you probably met last month turn you down. You don’t need to feel bad, buddy!

My Advice

Meeting Ladies sometimes is not always about asking them out for relationship.

It is an open atmosphere to create the first impression – who you are and your intentions.

See, I mostly want to have a strong connection with any serious lady I come across because that could create a live-bond.

So, anytime you have a new date or an appointment with a lady, please come back and check out the lists again. You can simply bookmark this page.

Bottom line

“There you go, you now have access to the survey from over 500+ Ladies globally”

Instead of making a lady turn you off at first meeting, get rid of the things that could make that happen and see yourself limitless to endless opportunities.

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John is a Writer and Blogger. He sees women as a treasure that should be protected at all cost in a relationship. John is the founder of Lyrical Ng Blog

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