These 3 brutal break up messages for a cheating boyfriend might've been written because of you.
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3 Brutal Break Up Messages for a Cheating Boyfriend. No 3 is a Red Flag

As long as I’m not a fan of breakup and divorce, I wouldn’t give a keen advice for you to proceed in doing it. These 3 brutal break up messages for a cheating boyfriend must’ve been written because of you.

You see, love is a river, and it flows well when both parties understand each other.

Love is a river, and it flows well when both parties understand each other. Click To Tweet

Besides, love is meant to be enjoyed and not endured even though it comes with it challenges.

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Before you proceed with your decision, have you tried talking to him/her so they could understand?

If love really exists and you’re not biased and sharing it with another guy outside there, the first thing is to call her attention to it.

In a previous post, how to Fix a Broken Relationship with 3 Letter Templates, the main idea is to firstly recall and reinstate how you both met, the memories you had together and the promises you made to each other.

Those words are powerful and they will continue to linger in your memory, for life!

Do you know why? Love is a bond, and once you’re bonded once, you might be bonded for life.

That’s why I need you to take that first step, so you won’t regret your actions later.

Have you tried your best and everything seems abortive? I think it’s time to give him a sanction trial. You probably want to break up with him/her, right?

If at this juncture you’ve done the above to no avail, then I’ll share with you in this article,three powerful edition of Break Up Messages for a Cheating Boyfriend you can modify and use.

But before we jump into it, hear the story of Majestic_flower from youbrokeuphow who finally broke up after much efforts to settle with her boyfriend. What are the resulting factors?

She wrote –

I met this boy about April and I decided to give him my insta and we talked for a while until I gave him my number. It was going great, he was such a sweetheart, I couldn’t believe that a boy like this existed.

We went on a few movie dates etc, and I met his family, lovely people between. It was then one time he asked for pictures of my goods, you understand immediately.

I said no because I would never do such, that my standards are too high and I’m well aware of the consequences if in the hands of the wrong person.

We got into a bad argument about it before but he apologized and slowly we got back to where we used to be, until another time I posted a pic showing my sunburn and I was in a towel (it wasn’t even revealing).

Then he started up the picture thing again. I didn’t want to let him go but I knew I had to because he didn’t respect my choices one bit.

And when I told him “it’s best for us to break up”. All he did was send a clapping emoji…… I don’t regret breaking up with him because I know my value, I hope you other persons know yours too.

From this story, you and I can relate that this guy is a cheat. Firstly, it must’ve been his arbitrary act, collecting goods of other girls, even without much effort, my gosh! And he’s got no remours for the break up notice.

Remember, sending a message like this is not for you to make episodes on how you feel deep inside but to let him know what’s up and your next line of action in an unethical manner. Full stop!

Soft tone

5 months ago, I thought I have found someone whom our burdens could be shared, someone with an understanding of love and how it works.

Time just explained and proved to me I was totally wrong and now, I am indebted to summon courage to forgive myself of my stupid decision back then to spend my life with you.

I known this might not be what you’ve thought, but this is how it has turn out to be between us, and yes!

Things can get even better for the both of us. May be looking for some one else who can meet your standards would be a better choice for you. For me, na!!!

Don’t worry, we both will surely be fine! I hope this time will help you make better decisions with your future love. No peasant calls, please!

Harsh tone

Truly, you came to my heart when I was down. You persuaded me to give you a chance after I explained all my ordeals to you, thinking your case is different.

You forfeited yourself, you’re crumbled. You’ve broken yourself while thinking I was broken. Have you forgotten that every failed experiment is one step closer to success? Oh! Now you remember.

As you read this, I break my words with you. Go in peace and- have fun with your other lovers!

Brutal tone

I tried to blend the pains you’ve caused with our first moment in love. It wasn’t working, and right now is the time to give way. All you need to understand here is that, there are better women out there for you.

I implore you to choose the best ones, put them under scrutiny, just as you’ve suffered me, check out if they are bad eggs as you always reffered to me, and see for yourself if there’s something that needs a change in you.

You see those words “Bad eggs”, I can’t bear them any longer!

What’s that thing that’s made you to decide never to take relationship serious or love anyone again?

Share your story in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to share it with the world!

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