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3 Romantic Moments in Relationship and How to Practice Them with Pictures

In this article, I’ve put together 3 of the romantic moments in relationship, and you’ll learn how to practice them.

Any healthy relationship should have these three moments combined. I hope you’d like it.

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Let’s get started…


proposal in romantic moments image
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Proposal png from pngeggs.com

It is very uncommon in everyday life for a man to bow down and ask for anything, especially in Nigeria.

I view it as a moment in which the woman is recognized symbolically for the power she momentarily holds over the man. The power to say yes or no.

So, at the time of proposal, the man bows down to give her respect, surprise (by breaking the daily rule).

He shows her that she is everything for him and I care for you, your value, and respect you from my core heart. Please accept my offer.

And she smiles and says “Wow, I never imagined that, that you really do care for me and my respect, socially. Let me say YES before its too late.” Its all AWW moment.

Then she says yes and everything goes back to normal.

Or she says no and everything goes back to normal.

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How To Do It

Technically, the required posture is down on ONE knee, not both. Just as in the image above.

“It’s a sign of commitment. The woman accept it and every thing is changed forever or you are giving her the freedom to walk away, with nothing changed In her life.”

When To Do It

In reality, most of the relationships get matured enough before a proposal for marriage is made.

Although, it’s an emotional and special moment for each couple.

Both people can handle this with ease without being superfluous in their reactions because they know sooner or later this situation will be coming in the relationship.

Gifting Flowers

gifting Flowers img
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Open door png from pngtree.com

Food is the way to a man’s heart. Flowers are the way to women’s. Or so they say.

Food is the way to a man's heart. Flowers are the ways to women's. Or so they say. Click To Tweet

Flowers may die but they last a lot longer than a dinner date.

One of the most common things that happen in the world is men giving flowers to women.

This has been a common behaviour among people from the different parts of the world since time immemorial.

Flowers are used to appeal to a woman or it is a way of telling her that “I was thinking about you all day and I thought I should let you know through this”.

At the point when a man gives a lady a flower, this goes about as a method of revealing to them they are excellent through activities.

For these reasons, I would give flowers to a woman.

  • Because, I love you.
  • Because, I like you.
  • Because they are beautiful and as such they reminded me of you.
  • Because you have been sad and I thought they might cheer you.
  • Because you haven’t been feeling well and this is all I can do.
  • Because I behaved like a jerk and this is how I’m saying I’m sorry.
  • Because I walked past them and appreciated their smell.
  • Because we had an awesome date and I wanted you to think of me.
  • Because you accomplished something that I wanted to recognize.
  • Because today is an important day for you and I wanted to observe it.

Flowers, they wither sooner or later, but the feeling of being able to receive it is awesome.

Flowers, they wither sooner or later, but the feeling of being able to receive it is awesome Click To Tweet

Anything unexpected is overwhelming, plus the fact that it is your boyfriend or spouse who made an effort on it, is really something.

Men, get your head out of your ass… Women love flowers and they love them most when there is no expectation or reason to give them.

Not convinced? Imagine sitting at home watching TV and unexpectedly a dozen chicken wings showed up with a couple of nice micro brews…..yep that’s flowers to a women!

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Intimacy (Sex)

Intimacy in romantic moments in Relationship
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hand drawn png from pngtree.com

In a previous post, Relationship category , among other things, I discussed what sex is, and how it can strengthen your relationship.

Sex is an important aspect of any healthy relationship and if it is regular, it means your partner likes it too.

It is like an insatiable fire and it should be fulfilled.

The unfortunate truth is that sex ruins the majority of relationships because couples do not take the time or opportunity to learn anything about their significant others.

Are you unsure about your sexual interests? Are you curious about what you might enjoy?

Are you wondering whether you are ready for sex? These kinds of questions are perfectly normal!

You may look at a free package we made for you , “Love Kit“.

This kit is made for partners with interest in exploring different sex positions, and see which one works for their partner.

Download it here, it’s free.

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Love 💖️ Kit

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This kit is made for partners with interest in exploring different sex positions. Strictly 18+.


Imagine, if couples took the opportunity to learn about each other, even sexually before engaging in intercourse.

They will have full knowledge of their partners and sex. Once it happens, would be a lot better than simply jumping into bed.

Sex in relationships is a good essential part, however, it is not the only part.

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Thanks for reading this far, hope you liked it. Feel free to share other romantic moments in a relationship via the comment.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with someone who needs it.


John is a Writer and Blogger. He sees women as a treasure that should be protected at all cost in a relationship. John is the founder of Lyrical Ng Blog

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