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3 Sets Of Men You Should Never Consider Marriage With

To a high degree, these 3 sets of men you should never consider marriage with may seem monopolized.

Trust us, we’ve got everything tailored down to our beliefs, no critics meant.

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PS: Never rely on information on this website in place of seeking professional medical advice


Narcissists are described as ones with inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

Narcissists don’t have the ability to perceive others as detached from themselves having separate needs, feelings and desires, and thus they don’t care, and cannot care, about others in a mature, disinterested, unselfish way.

Victims often confuse themselves thinking that if only the person with the personality disorder could be properly cared for or loved, they could improve.

But the problem is the reality of people with personality disorders is fundamentally different, and cannot be altered by being loved.

Narcissism in the vernacular is often not referring to the mentally illness, but certain undesirable traits such as selfishness, arrogance, ignoring others, and so on.

So, there you go. You know what it is and your decision whether to give in for a narcissist or not.

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Have you ever met someone who doesn’t believe that there are any gods- so like an anti-religion I suppose. They’re atheists.

The main reason is that many atheists have negative feelings about religious people or people of faith (I don’t like the term religious).

I don’t know how I’d retain a close intimate relationship with a person who feels I’m wasting my time in prayer.

They would have no respect for something that is important to me. I couldn’t talk to them about spiritual things — they have no real interest in it.

That would be a very hard thing to live with and maintain a relationship with. How can you fully love someone when you think their core beliefs are idiotic?

How can you fully love someone when you think their core beliefs are idiotic? Click To Tweet

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A sociopath is someone who has a significantly reduced ability to experience empathy, as the result of psychological trauma.

This is a note from a Sociopath

“Mainly I feel disconnected from people. There’s me and then there is them. I don’t feel empathy that often.

I don’t care about others problem unless they interest me. Sometimes, I rarely think(lack of conscience) when I’m manipulating others.

For example, I want to fit into a social circle. I’m happy with lying, degrading others, and overall putting on a “performance” to enter”

All of these may lead to issues in marriage. You may need to see a psychologist if you think you’re in. Hopefully, you’ve learnt something today.

I know a lot of people will need it, perhaps to learn & correct one or two things in their lives, so please don’t hesitate to share to as many.

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John is a Writer and Blogger. He sees women as a treasure that should be protected at all cost in a relationship. John is the founder of Lyrical Ng Blog

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