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40 Signs a Nigerian Man is Married to Someone Else and Solutions

Most humans are creatures of habit especially men. In this article, I’ll share the 40 Signs a Nigerian Man is Married to Someone Else

Signs a Nigerian man is married to someone else


Intimacy means a whole lot more than sex. Most of the time, a man that may cheat will break intimacy first.

This is where a man is sharing things with another woman instead of with his wife. That’s where it starts and it can be a slippery slope from there.

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There are almost always reasons a man starts breaking intimacy. It may be him. It may be you. It may be the circumstance.

But if you pray and if you try, you may be able to get him back on track. Marriage takes work and sacrifice even under ideal conditions.

Intimacy signs a Nigerian man is married to someone else

  • When he stops cuddling you
  • When he shows disinterest in bed
  • When he watches TV more than he talks to you.
  • When he has some dating apps on his smartphone
  • When he prefers the company of his friends to home
  • When he is always busy with his smartphone at home
  • When he limits his conversation with you
  • When you are around them, you feel they are somewhere
  • Your husband is picking fights with you on petty issues

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Trust signs

  • He will start lying to you – where he was, what he is doing while he is out.
  • He might be “wiring back” a bit more often, he might suddenly be getting “important projects “ that mean he has to go to work at the weekend.
  • He may even need to go to a conference in some nearby romantic getaway.
  • He’ll make excuses to get away from you like I’ve got a meeting, will be home late.

Romantic signs a Nigerian man is married to someone else

  • He will never smile when he is with you
  • He likes to do things in his own than with you.
  • He will talk about other person frequently
  • Lost the interest to your body
  • Various excuses of do not want to have sex
  • He will not be too much affection to your secret parts
  • Ejaculating will not be long
  • Romanticism will be lost
  • Your breasts or buttocks will not be praised as before.

Financial signs

  • Money starts disappearing with no good explanation.
  • He is spending more money than usual
  • He switches cell phone bills to his office for “easier payment.”
  • They have started becoming frugal and won’t spend on you
  • Your husband is picking fights with you on petty issues

Social signs a Nigerian man is married to someone else

  • If he’s suddenly on his phone all the time, or suddenly becomes a FB fanatic
  • Listens to love songs (or any other kind of music) that he normally doesn’t listen to.
  • You find restaurant receipts for two and it wasn’t with you.
  • Will be busy online in whatsapp and facebook for hours or late night but will never chat with you
  • Significant other accuses you of cheating
  • You observe change in their electronic etiquette

Privacy signs

  • He might start turning his phone over to hide in-coming calls
  • Taking particular attention to his looks for no particular reason.
  • Stays on the computer all night long in another room.
  • His phone pings off the hook from text messages.
  • He changes his password.

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So, here’s what you do

Don’t ignore all these signs as a wife or partner. Could mean he is growing or could mean he is cheat.

Either way as his wife you want to take the time to figure out what is going on. The best place to start is with him and ask him.

First, you have to work up your courage to ask your husband the question.

That means that you have to care for yourself and to love yourself for a while until you feel like you deserve the truth and feel strong enough to handle it even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

My best recommendation for building up courage is to spend time with people who love you who will support you no matter what happens.

This might be family, or it might be your close friends. If those aren’t options, as was the case for me, you could try a therapist or even a bartender.

Anyone who you know won’t contradict you or tear you down but is going to help build you up.

Once you feel strong enough to break the question to your husband, you have to prepare yourself to accept his answer.

Your best chance to get the truth from him is to project kindness and understanding when you ask.

If you ask him with an accusatory tone he will become defensive. Even when I was still married and faithful, my husband became insecure and started accusing me of cheating on him.

While I was faithful for the first seven times he “asked” (accused) me, the last two I was not.

I had eventually grown tired of being punished for my honesty and decided to commit the sin to even the score.

I’m not proud of that, but I share it with you as an example of how starting with prejudice can lead to a bad outcome even if there wasn’t one to begin with.

So in order to be able to ask him with kindness and understanding, you need to prepare your heart to accept the worst answer.

Will you forgive him if he says yes? Will you leave him?

Once you have made peace with that, you can ask your husband if he loves another woman and have a hope to get an honest answer from him.

Be honest and clear when you ask your husband if he loves another woman.

Do not hint at it or imply it, and make sure you ask in a question form.

Good: Husband, lately I have become nervous that you are in love with another woman. Is that true?

Bad: I’ve seen how you act around that woman. You obviously love her more than me!.

You’re going to be nervous and upset when you have this conversation and being clear will help you to process whatever he says to you. Write it down if you need to.

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That’s what I did. After you’ve asked your question, make sure you hear the answer.

A topic so important as losing the love of your spouse can overwhelm our senses with emotions.

You might think you heard one thing when what he said is totally different. He might have said, “Sweetheart, you know I will always love you” and you might hear that as “I’m definitely cheating on you but will never admit it.”

In a situation like this it is really important that you hear what he says so that you can make good decisions on how to handle it.

The best way to make sure you are on the same page here is to repeat his answer back to him in your own words and ask him to verify.

The last step to navigating this crisis is accepting his answer. This is probably the hardest part, harder even than breaking the question.

Accepting his answer means believing what he says at face value. If he says that no, he only loves you, then you have to believe him.

In your heart you may still have some suspicions, but the only way to have trust is to believe what each other says.

It might be a lie, but you have to give him the chance to be honest before you can accuse him of lying to you.

Just give him the benefit of the doubt once and if you have trouble again in the future, you can hold the moral high ground and call him on his lie.

If he says yes to your question you also have the responsibility not to fly off the hook at him. You can’t ask someone to be honest only to flay them for doing so.

Obviously it’s going to hurt if he says yes, but you prepared for this. You don’t have to forgive him for what he has done, but you have to resist the urge to punish him for telling the truth.

That is, if you want to have a hope not to destroy your marriage. End the conversation and walk away if you have to, but try not to punish him for being honest. It will make both of you better people in the future.

Bottom Line

Most husbands do not fall in love with another woman. They just think they want sex with another woman.

However, if he doesn’t get what he needs at home, he will stray until he finds it. Help him to fall in love with you all over again. Give him what he desires.

Most husbands do not fall in love with another woman. They just think they want sex with another woman.However, if he doesn't get what he needs at home, he will stray until he finds it. Click To Tweet

I bet you, you have it all. Yes! You have all he wants…

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