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5 Magical Ways to Make a Woman Chase You – Nigeria

Typically, it is not the role of a woman to chase a man. Then how can you make a woman chase you?

It is a man’s role to pursue the woman he is interested in.

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She is not going to chase you because she is not going to allow herself to be rejected and come off as needy and desperate.

Most women are also taught early on that “you do not run after a man, let the man pursue you”

If that is her upbringing, then don’t look for it to happen.

In this post, I’ll be sharing tips that can increased your chances to attracting a woman.

If you want women to chase you then first and foremost don’t listen to women’s advice, as the list of requirements they want in a man will drive any poor guy nuts.

The fact is women know how to attract men, so their desire is not to attract other women. Therefore…

Listen and Hangout

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If you want to become better with women, then listen and if possible even hangout with men that are already good with women.

Usually, most guys tend to envy and even hate other men that are good with women.

For this reason, they avoid them and also never learn anything.

Instead of doing that, you should try to hangout with them.

You may learn more in a few hours around this men then you would in months of reading books or whatever.

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Being Sexually Comfortable

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This is a huge thing! I’d say this is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why “badboys” do so well with women.

Being comfortable with your sexuality means being comfortable with the fact that you find women sexy and you want to be evolved with them sexually.

You are brutally honest about your sexual interest towards women without excuses.

Nowadays, men are so shy about their sexuality, they are so afraid of showing their interests.

That’s another reason why there are so many pick-up artist gurus that teach guys how to do everything under their radar.

Basically, being sexually without being too much. I call this bullshit!

I have friends that are very sexual in everything they do.

From the way they dress, the way they first look women in the eyes, the way they immediately tell women that they find them attractive.

There’s nothing subtle about their approach.

They aren’t trying to be first friends with women and then after several months, they all sudden come out of their shell and tell a girl that they love her.

This is what many nice guys do and that’s why they suck with women.

Instead, these guys are brutally honest about their sexual interests and they are the ones having the greatest success.

Improving Your Social Skills

Improve your social skills to make a woman chase you
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The best way to improve your social skills is by practicing, practicing and practicing even more and more and more.

The more interactions you have with men and women the more comfortable and confident you become socially.

However, there are few courses online that I recommend for you to take.

You can go to YouTube and through websites, you will learn how to improvise, tell stories etc. and in turn increase your chances to ‘make a woman chase you’.

Don’t be overly flattering

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Compliments are nice and occasionally warranted – and a dime a dozen for some people.

But playful banter, like the silly arguments between friendly but mischievous siblings is actually more likely to arouse the interest of someone. 

Of course don’t be a jerk. Light sarcasm is okay and sometimes even fun, but rudeness is just stupid.

Be confident, even cocky if that seems to elicit a positive response, but don’t be insulting or offensive.

Make yourself almost but not quite unavailable. 

Keep a sense of urgency like you might need to leave at any minute.

A combination of interesting dialogue and a sense of urgency may help to draw the attention of someone who is genuinely interested in maintaining a continuation of the interaction beyond the immanent separation.

Practice Courage

make a woman chase you by practicing courage
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A lot of people talk about confidence without really knowing how it’s build.

However, confidence is built by practicing courage.

In other words by taking risks. In this case mostly by taking social risks and also sexual risks.

This is how you get comfortable under your own skin.

For instance, asking your sexy Yoga instructor out on a date, yeah I did that 🙂

Even though when you do it you feel nervous as shit but still you do it.

Having the ability of going out a night to a venue alone without having anyone holding your hand.

Seeing a girl on the street you like and talking to her.

This is what builds confidence.

The more comfortable you get with yourself and interacting with women, the more women will find you attractive.

It is when you reach a point that you have an abundance of women in your life, because your lifestyle and way of being attracts them easily.

I mean by your way of being, that you no longer give a fuck if a girl likes you or not, because you know there are plenty of women out there that dig the shit out of you and you start living by your own terms.

That’s when women will start pursuing you.

But for that to happen, first you have to get out of your comfort zone by approaching women, being honest about your sexual interest, and facing other social fears you got.


Are you worth chasing?

This sounds harsh but no one will stand in line for an inferior product.

The best way to do this is to flip the script and make yourself the prize.

Turn yourself into someone worth chasing, and then will see that you are worth the person to make a woman chase you.

If you’re not there yet, the quick fix: Act like the prize

Fake it till you make it. Women love confidence and if you act like someone worth having, she is at least likely to respond to that favorably.

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