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6 Things Every Man Should Own Before Getting Married in Nigeria

I learned this lesson relatively early – there’s very little you really need to own as human desires are unlimited.

Here are the 6 Things I believe Every Man Should Own Before Getting Married in Nigeria.

Apart from the obvious bare necessities that everyone should have i.e.: shelter, food, water, etc., there are some items I think every man should own.

Nb: Some bits, many men will totally disagree. But for me, stripped down, here it is…

A Job

Whether you are technically ‘unemployed’ or not, you need to be occupied with something. Finding another job. Self-employed. Whatever.

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A man without work (or call it a ‘project’ if you prefer) is directionless .

A man without work (or call it a 'project' if you prefer) is directionless . You need to be occupied with something. Click To Tweet

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Good Clothing

A decent pair of trousers
Others may point out that every man needs a suit and a couple of ties. While I do own a suit, I don’t wear it that often.

A good pair of trousers (or even jeans) can be worn to all kinds of occasions ranging from casual to semi-formal.

A really good SUIT, something which is tailor made for yourself so that it lets you stand out confidently in any professional meeting or anything of that sort.


A pair of high- polished shoes with clean shoelaces in them along with the respect for everyone’s walk in life, including his own umbrella to protect the mentioned items from the water.

Collection Of Watches 

Sure this might cost a lot but if your finances allow you to have a collection , go for it. Believe me, any one checks out a watch that a man wears.

If you are short of money, save some of it and buy a decent one . (It need not be Rolex , anything that is classy and not flashy is always a YES).

Furthermore, watches are functional, they’ll tell you the time a lot longer than your phone on one single charge. And they look cool. Really cool.

A Leather Wallet

Just to be clear: a cardholder is NOT a wallet. Neither is a phone case.

Generally speaking the cheapest option is not the best choice; Your wallet, just like any other leather item, needs to be taken care of. Rub it with some ‘leather fat’ every now and then.

Doing this will considerably increase the lifespan of your wallet. (Same goes for leather belts).

Who wouldn’t love a black leather wallet in your pocket? It’ll be classy.

A Ride

I don’t tell you have to own a BMW or Porsche , all a man needs is a ride .

It can be a motorcycle or a car . But make sure its well maintained, well driven, clean (both on the inside & outside) .

A Laptop

If you are a techie guy, a laptop is really important . Make sure it’s got decent specifications . You would not like it if it slowed down or hanged up at an important occasion.

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Bottom line

I’ve listed down only the most important ones excluding the obvious ones. I’m assuming we’re on a limited budget, if the budget is unlimited. As they say, Sky is the limit . Grab everything you see.

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John is a Writer and Blogger. He sees women as a treasure that should be protected at all cost in a relationship. John is the founder of Lyrical Ng Blog

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