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6 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong with Coworkers

I have written this article to see if there could be a shift in your relationship strength, to make it strong with your coworkers.

Don’t worry, I won’t blame you because you’re not good at relating with people.

I have an introverted spirit and I’ve always taken it as an excuse for not being able to keep relationship strong with my coworkers.

You’ve probably worked in a place with zero relationship score with your colleagues, I wouldn’t recommend that.

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Instead, I’ll expose to you what you need to start doing in order to develop healthy working relationship with coworkers.

Let’s get into it…

Building Trust

The first thing people are concerned with before telling you about their personal life is security.

People are more concerned with their privacy and who they share their info with.

To build trust, people have to see you as a person worthy of their trust. Don’t expect it unless you have proven yourself first.

Build trust. People have to see you as a person worthy of their trust. Don’t expect it unless you have proven yourself first. Click To Tweet

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Be Cheerful

Appreciate people and celebrate their success. Admit when you are wrong. Even if the team makes a mistake, take responsibility for your role.

Comparison and competition is toxic in work relationships. Shift to caring, start promoting cheer and colleagues will become family.

Goodness is Key

Give regard as per roles, but respect juniors, peers and seniors, everyone the same way.

Consider them as family, get to know their ambitions, interests and personal lives. Understand their strengths and limitations.

Go beyond work-related communication. Empathize with colleagues.

Share everything you know, help them complete tasks, or be there when they need.

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Giving Compliment

By asking them how was their day and being genuinely interested in their answer.

Relationships go beyond the major stuff like work discussion or project planning and actually on to the minor details in each person’s lives.

Just attending a meeting together doesn’t really bring people closer. But that short period of time before a meeting when you have small chats.

My new boss said she was gardening over the weekend so I asked her things like do you spend a lot of time on your garden then?

So, I learnt a lot about the people I work with. WikiHow tells what it is and how to give compliment.

Be Innovative

Try to get some fact time with everyone, even if they’re not in your direct department, so that you’re known at the workplace.

Remember everyone’s name when you speak to them.

If you feel the workplace is particularly disjointed, it might be worth suggesting a team-building exercise to your manager.

This provides time for all of you to get to know each other and bond over using your collective skills to achieve something.

Seek Knowledge

By asking their advice, working together on projects, sharing lunch during the day or dinner after work discussing the business that you’re both involved in.

As you converse you’ll start including tidbits that reflect aspects of yourself, things you like and your family, and eventually you may find that you’ve developed a friendship.

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Bottom line

To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with

Mark Twain

Life is time, life is a series of moment, life is meant to be enjoyed – all these are pointing to the fact that you need to spend time with people, and that is what relationship is about..

Keeping relationship strong with coworkers is less of an hassle to some people. For others, we may need to learn it.

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