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Welcome to Lyrical Ng.


LyricalNg is a blog devoted to Lovers (singles and married).

As people struggle with their relationship problems secretly, I think of discussing such problems and proffer well researched and proven practical solutions.

What this blog is about? Look at your life, the people you relate with and the confidence to say “I have healthy relationships with people”.

If that is not the case for you, LyricalNg tells you how myself and thousands of other people around the world do it and live strong with people and their relations.

At LyricalNg, you’ll learn how to attract people to yourself, fall in love and make it last longer; relate like lovers/families even at your working space.

Our Relationship Keywords include: “#love” “#dating” “#romance” “#friendship” and “#marriage

Don’t worry, we live countries apart and had different background. You maybe white and I’m black. But the key to open everyone’s heart is what we share everyday.

Here in LyricalNg, people share their hardship and interesting moments of love. We tag it “Marriage and love lessons before or after marriage

With this ideology, we’ve come as a team and family, because one of the ways to learn is to know when you’re making failures. And you really cannot figure it out until you read and hear from other people.

One of the ways to learn is to know when you're making failures – Robert Genn. Click To Tweet

Regards, John Adeleye.

What You Can Do

  • Feeling abandoned and stressed out of love? Read our blog posts with the taste of love.,
  • Your details here is anonymous. So feel free to share your love experience with others HERE, our online forum.

What You Can’t Do

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  • As the founder of Lyrical Nigeria, I ensure this site is up to standards by ensuring all contents, come from each expertise.
  • Your action is limited to copying content from this website without giving a notice, full credit, and a link back to the source page on this website. Learn more about DMCA.

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This kit is made for partners with interest in exploring different sex positions. Strictly 18+.


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