My Crush Doesn’t Like Me Back What Do I Do? How to Make Him Ask You Out

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My crush doesn’t like me back what do I do? Loving someone who doesn’t even like you at all can be so painful, it makes you wonder if life is even worth living.

As a man, I know that feeling. It takes so much time to get someone to love, and that person to reciprocate that love.

Men may not fall in love for certain reasons. It might be your personality, their past experiences…In fact, some men are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with opening up to other women…

Why Does My Crush not Like Me Back?

Below, I’ll share some keys that will make you attract and gain the heart of your crush. It also answers the question “reasons why your crush doesn’t like you”.

Exercise, Keep Fit, Eat Good

This shows you want what you crave and that you’re willing to get it despite the opposition in front of you.

Be Mentally Sane

For the most part. It makes it harder to fall for an unstable and mentally insane person.

Have a Unique Personality

Be your own person, but be different from the rest of the crowd. Have stories to tell and experiences to share, have that addictive personality.

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Learn New Skills

If you can pull off crazy magic tricks or dance well or sing or play an instrument, people are more likely to be drawn to you as well. 

People like people with skills- those that they lack, especially with opposite sex.

Whatever the reason is, rather than giving bunches of theories, I’ve put together simplified practical hacks to answer the question “My crush doesn’t like me back what do I do?” and start the “I love you” lifestyle you’ve dreamt of.

Please get yourself a cup of coffee and walk into a quiet room where it’s only you and me communicating. I have good news for you!

How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You Without Talking

More than making him like you back, you want to show him that you’re everything he’s ever wanted, but how?

1. See him a lot

make a guy to ask you out by seeing him alot

Familiarity breeds attraction. The more you see someone, the more attracted they will become to you. This goes regardless of how attractive you actually are or how attractive they initially found you.

In the same way, studies show that just seeing someone frequently can boost how attractive you think they are. Here is…

What to do

Get some face time with him. Do this only if it can be done naturally; don’t be a stalker and show up at places where you think he’ll be … well, don’t do that too often anyway!

It’s fine if, for example, you were invited to a birthday party and normally wouldn’t have gone, but you know he’ll be there, so that changes your mind.

If you see him a lot and he’s had ample opportunity to take things to the next level and he isn’t doing so, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

Familiarity breeds attraction, but it can also breed contempt. Remember there are two sides to every coin, and you need to go with what your gut is telling you, not just blindly follow a series of steps.

If you feel pretty strongly that he’s not interested, move on. Someone else out there will think you’re amazing. But if you think there’s a chance, he could be attracted to you, use this to make him more interested.

2. Ask for Small Favors

ask for small favors

Ask them to do small favors for you. Nothing that requires much effort, things like can you hand me the remote please? or

Can you throw my sack of garbage away since you are passing the trash can on your way? or would you be so kind as to hold the door please?

I know what is going through your mind. you think they will get irritated with you asking for them to do things you could do for yourself.

You think it’s a way to get you to like them and you already do so that’s a waste of time, right?

It doesn’t work that way. You are not understanding what really happens in their head. That’s why you are in the friendzone.

What really happens in their head, especially when they start to wonder why they do all this shit for you, is that their subconscious mind begins to say I must really like this person. 

If I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t be doing all these things for them.

And their subconscious mind convinces them that they love you. Then it becomes very difficult for them to see that they are being manipulated.

There is no way to change their mind as long as you keep getting them to do little things for you that you could just as easily do for yourself.

The strongest relationships are between people who are constantly asking each other for favors. They bond in a way that is a little too close for other people to understand.

3. Ask Him for a Dinner

make a guy to ask you out by inviting him for dinner

Dinner, never lunch. Why dinner and not lunch? Lunch is for business meetings. Dinner implies romantic aspirations. Did he say yes? Okay, that’s the first firewall.

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When setting the date ask two questions.
  • Is there a preference you have regarding food? and,
  • What do you plan to wear so that I may dress to match?

The first is to prevent food-borne allergies or preferences in tastes from ruining the evening.

The second is to ensure that embarrassment on that front is minimized. If your date is wearing a suit or dress, don’t show up in jeans.

During the date stay away from three topics. Politics, religion, and exes. Politics and religion are issues to save for the third date.

Exes are a topic to save until after the six-month mark.

NB: If you are not over your ex you should not be dating.

Bill paid? Good. Date isn’t over though. Is there a museum or park or something along those lines in your area? If there is, go there.

Otherwise, come up with some activity that keeps you in close proximity to one another and preserves the lines of communication.

This may just mean going to a bar but ensure that the bar is quiet enough to allow communication.

A movie is right out of the option. Movie theatres effectively discourage talking.

Dinner done? Good. Are you thinking about him? Keep things simple on the phone. Tell him that you enjoyed yourself. Ask him if he enjoyed himself as well.

Did he? If yes, proceed, the journey will be continued by him from there, promise!

If no, pack it in and find someone else.

Most of the steps above are tricks and hacks designed to make you get their foot in the door- but men still have their decisions.

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Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship and an Unhealthy Relationship

Have you been looking for the characteristics of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship?

This article will open to you everything you need to know.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

Characteristics of Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships

Relationship quality depends on beliefs about a relationship partner’s responsiveness.

That is, on the perception that a partner understands, values, and supports important aspects of the self.

They are warm, sensitive to their partners’ feelings, and want to make their partners feel comfortable, valued, listened to, and understood.

So, a healthy relationship involves honesty, trust, respect, and open communication between partners.

Anything outside of these is just the true image of an unhealthy relationship.

Here are the characteristics of Healthy Relationships. We also include tips to improving an unhealthy relationship.

13 Healthy Relationship Characteristics

Name three characteristics of an unhealthy relationship brainly


The biggest sign of a healthy relationship is feeling free, light ,secure, happy and content.

Love is like that invisible string that doesn’t hold you back rather sets you free.

It doesn’t pull you down but rather allows you to fly and takes you up to the higher limits of sky.

You should not feel trapped or suffocated but feel comfortable and at peace.

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i. Their Time

Where there are healthy individual boundaries, when you understand that it’s okay for your partner to feel overwhelmed.

Sometimes, they may even need some personal space and time or maybe just a fun game night with their own friends.

Remember everything is not always about YOU. They have their own life and they own it. You are just a very special and beautiful part of it .

ii. Their Flaws

Perfect people don’t exist, but there are people with imperfections that you can live with.

“I could never stand relationships with dumb people and never have. My husband isn’t dumb.

However, he is very disorganized. That, I can live with, without fighting.”Debora Thais

I could never stand relationships with dumb people and never have. My husband isn't dumb.However, he is very disorganized. That, I can live with, without fighting. Debora Thais. Click To Tweet


Similar to the previous, trust in any relationship helps the two parties to feel secure that any outer force cannot shake things between them.

Trust should not only be pronounced but practiced.

Let them dream, achieve their goals, meet all the people in the world, let them have conversations, let them live their own special life and cheer for them in the background.

Trust me nothing of all this matters. If they really love you, they can roam around in this whole wide world,

Even sometimes feel lost, get fascinated, get overwhelmed but at the end of the day, they will return to you, return home.

No Imprisonment

Even if there’s a great love and deep bondage between them, they understand they don’t have each other, they’re all free.

They do, go wherever they want, as long as they want to.

“Give the people you love the wings to fly, the roots to come back, the reasons to leave.”~ Dalai Lama

Give the people you love the wings to fly, the roots to come back, the reasons to leave. Dalai Lama. Click To Tweet

Whether you’ve been dating for a month, engaged for two years, or married for 20 years, you don’t try to control or shackle each other.


Everyone has the right to keep some things to themselves . But it’s a very, very, very thin line.

Because what you don’t have the right to, is to break their trust. Trust and privacy are very important to a relationship.

“Don’t check the other person’s cell phone, and don’t force a situation where they have to show you who they’re talking to. All of this will undermine your relationship bit by bit.” —Romulo Gomes

Don't check the other person's cell phone, and don't force a situation where they have to show you who they're talking to. All of this will undermine your relationship bit by bit. Romulo Gomes Click To Tweet


Any relationship is built around love but flourishes around respect.

It can stay healthy only when you truly choose to respect them as an individual first.

Respect their values, opinions, thoughts, stories, past and their time. If you have respect, all the things mentioned above become very easy to follow.


They care more about giving than getting. “The biggest challenge in love comes from the fact that most people go into love to get something.

They try to find someone who makes them feel good.

“In fact, the only way a relationship can last is to see it as something you give, not something you take.” Anthony Robbins

In fact, the only way a relationship can last is to see it as something you give, not something you take.” Anthony Robbins Click To Tweet

Healthy relationships happen not because they want something in return, but because they are all full of love and feel right to share their beautiful love with others.

No Games

In healthy and loving relationships, there are no lies, no deceit, no manipulation, no punishment, no concealment, no pretense.

“Honesty is necessary in a relationship. If they don’t, love doesn’t make sense. So, if you can’t afford it, be honest, be single. “Unknown~

Honesty is necessary in a relationship. If they don't, love doesn't make sense. So, if you can't afford it, be honest, be single. "Unknown~ Click To Tweet

Don’t play games. Treat each other the way you want to be treated – love, honesty, appreciation and respect.

Best Friends

Healthy relationships laugh, cry, play, and are happy together. They share their deepest and most hidden thoughts, fears, dreams and wishes.

No matter what they do, no matter what they don’t do, they understand, love and support each other.

Always take time to listen to each other and be close to each other.

When one of you falls, the other lifts the other, not judging, not labeling, not criticizing what happened and why.

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Beautiful Enemies

They challenge each other, point out what may hinder their relationship, expose the darkness that exists in each other.

However, they do it with love and compassion, not hurting, judging or offending others.

“A true soul mate may be the most important person you meet because they will knock down your wall and wake you up.” Elizabeth Gilbert

A true soul mate may be the most important person you meet because they will knock down your wall and wake you up.” Elizabeth Gilbert Click To Tweet

People think your soul mate is your perfect partner, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror.

He will show you all the things that hinder you. He will make you pay attention to yourself and change your life.


In every one of us there is darkness. In a healthy relationship, the best way they deal with a partner’s darkness is knowing themselves.

Take the time to work, let the past go, forgive and heal the part you need to heal, do your project, and it’s better not to be dark to your partner.


When many couples blame and criticize each other for the problems in their relationship and life, Significant Others in healthy relationships praise and admit each other constantly, honestly and openly.

You focus on the other person’s strengths rather than weaknesses, praise and reinforce positive behavior rather than negative behavior.


The basis of a relationship is made up of a lot of talking! It’s the only way to understand what the other person thinks and feels about things in everyday lives.

Besides, it’s through talking and opening up that we go about building a healthy relationship.

If something bothers you, speak up! If you have compliments for them, speak up again!

Want to comment on something you think is trivial? Speak! Do you have secrets or embarrassing feelings you want to share? Speak out!!!

How to Tell if You Are in a Healthy Relationship or Not.

The 14 Most Important Characteristics Of Healthy Relationship

Walter Trobisch in his book I MARRIED YOU, gave some six tests of love. From these you can tell if you are in a healthy relationship or not.

The Six Tests of Love

  1. Sharing test
  2. Strength test
  3. Respect test
  4. Habit test
  5. Quarrel test
  6. Time test.

The Sharing Test

Do you feel like sharing with your partner? True love wants to share things. If you heard exciting news, do you first think of coming to share with your partner?

After God, who next do you remember if something interesting just came up in your life?

If you do not readily want to share with your partner, chances are that your love is in doubt.

The Strength Test

Love is a great booster of strength and enthusiasm. Love causes an inner satisfaction and joy which gives strength.

If you are in love, but rather feel low, depressed and deprived of energy; there is a big problem with your love.

The Respect Test

Does your partner command your respect, or is he or she in the same place with every other person in terms of gaining respect from you?

Will you be proud to have your partner be the father or mother of your children?

If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then you have passed the respect test. Your partner should occupy a special status in your heart.

The Habit Test

People have different habits, some good and some bad. A habit may not necessarily be bad, but you find it disgusting in your partner.

Of course, you have a choice to feel that way.

But the test question is: can you keep on tolerating those habits you find disgusting in your partner, assuming they do not change?

If you cannot, better reconsider your position, because there is no guarantee that a habit will change over time.

The Quarrel Test

How easy do you find it to forgive your partner? How soon do you reconcile after a serious quarrel? Soonest, later, or after a very long time, or never at all?

In healthy relationships, forgiveness and reconciliation is much easier. Do not be deceived to think that in true love you cannot quarrel at all.

That is a fantasy. As long as two persons are together, they are bound to differ in opinion sometimes.

But what is most important is the readiness to get back together after a quarrel. If you find it difficult to get back, your love may be in question.

The Time Test

Can your love survive the test of time? People naturally change over time, as they meet new people, challenges, situations etc.

Your partner may not be singing those love songs to you a few years from now.

Now you love him because he is the quiet type, but he may become an extrovert in the next 5 years.

Can you love this person, even when there have been remarkable changes from what you see at present? If you can, then you have an enduring, true love.

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How a Healthy Relationship Looks Like at Home

From : Catherine Durnford-Wang

How a Healthy Relationship Looks Like at Home

I’ve got this. I am in a very healthy relationship.

Here’s why: My husband has a job and that’s to make me laugh three times a day.

He does because he has a wicked, and droll sense of humour that I love.

My job is to laugh three times a day, which I do.

We share the cooking in the house. We do it because we both enjoy cooking, not because we think it’s fair.

He watches the same bad movies over and over and I don’t mind.

We enjoy each other’s pursuits. My husband is a great keyboard player and I love watching him play because he loves it so much. I enjoy listening too.

I love to play tennis. He now watches major tournaments with me on television because he enjoys it sometimes.

No one asked him to, and I would never ask him to. It’s out of interest for my sport.

We are both kind to each other. We are kind people, why wouldn’t we be kindest to our spouse?

Disagreements don’t end with screaming, raised voices, slammed doors and tears.

We never call each other names, we don’t say “you never” or “you always”.

We stick to the point when we disagree about something and find a solution.

We don’t make major decisions alone. We don’t expect the other to sacrifice to make things better. Decisions are mutual.

We love each other and are able to talk about everything and anything.

We have sex that we both get a huge kick out of because it’s so huggy and happy

How a Healthy Relationship Looks Like at Workplace

From : Jamie Louise

How a Healthy Relationship

It starts with Commitment to Excellence. This means not only putting 100% into your primary responsibilities but going the extra mile.

I worked for over many years in the nuclear industry. During that time I was a chemist, radiochemist, and supervisor.

I did not settle for just doing a good job but always looked for ways to improve efficiency, safety, and reliability.

One of many examples was the problem our department faced with tracking chemistry data for trending and analysis.

I knew very little about computer systems yet I took on the challenge to build a state of the art laboratory information management system.

This required me to not only do my regular duties but spend my own free time in the development and support of this new system.

I assisted and taught classes to train fellow employees, joined committees to solve problems.

Also, I gave lectures at industry conferences on lessons learned. I took pride in doing the very best possible.

What was accomplished was when I needed help, there was always someone else who would drop what they were doing to help me.

The most important part of maintaining a professional relationship is to ALWAYS make yourself available to others when they need assistance.

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Healthy Intimate Relationship Facts

  • Money Matters
  • Sharing the housework = more sex.
  • A few arguments every now and then are actually good for your marriage.
  • Divorce may be contagious.

What Unhealthy Relationships Are?

What Unhealthy Relationships Are?

There are many things that could be unhealthy in a relationship.

Depending on the situation, it might be hard to say if it’s unhealthy or not.

So, a healthy relationship involves honesty, trust, respect, responsiveness, and open communication between partners.

Anything outside of these is just the true image of an unhealthy relationship

Many times our family and friends will bring situations to our attention when we are dating someone.

I think it is good to take mental notes because when we are in deep love we can truly be blinded to some things.

Step back, take yourself out of the situation and think about what advice you might give your family or friend.

Effect of Unhealthy Relationships

Effect of Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationship can hurt more than your feelings.

I have a friend. I went to her wedding a long time ago. They seemed the perfect happy couple.

A few years later, he developed a gambling problem.

Soon, they lost their house. Then he lost his job. She struggled to raise their children and turned to smoking and drinking at night to relieve the stress.

After he left, she became an alcoholic. Ten years later she was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which the doctor attributed to the heavy drinking.

She had part of her bowel removed. She then developed emphysema. Barely finds a reason to get out of bed most days now.

Choices have consequences

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How to Tell if Your Boss Likes You in a Romantic Way. 7 Signs and Solutions

How to tell if your boss is attracted to you image

I need to say to you that this is one of the most interesting and controversial treads we have on this blog. Do you have the feeling that your boss likes you in a romantic way? Maybe…

Can I Really Tell if Your Boss Likes You in a Romantic Way?

Note: Don’t take all advice as fully professional. If you are truly in this shoe, you may need to see an attorney or a counselor.

Firstly, you need to understand that there are so many ways bosses can show how much they value your work without meaning they like you romantically. It may happen in the following ways:

Ways Bosses Can Show How Much They Value Your Work

  • They give you compliments on the work you’re doing.
  • You can not expect compliments all the time, and some people are just not great at giving them, but if a boss does give you a compliment be very grateful. They notice your work.
  • If you’re recognized for a job you have done at a team meeting, they’re going above and beyond to show you how they like the work you’re doing for them.
  • Often to show the team they’re valued, they’ll bring in lunch or have a special event for everyone. It may not show you directly you’re valued but, it does show the team is valued and you’re part of that team. Remember they don’t have to give you this perk.
  • Some bosses can give a direct feedback like, “you’re great” others are not as obvious but if they are giving you more and more responsibility they value your work and trust you’ll get it done right.
  • Sometimes they may even give you some extra time off to show how much they valued the work you did. This small perk of time costs them money and impacts the bottom line for them. They won’t give you time off if they don’t think what you have done for them is over the top.
  • Prizes, tickets to events, a chance to attend a conference you may have wanted to go to, and more, are all ways bosses will show you how much they value your work.
  • Other things like a warm smile and good morning hello say “I’m glad to see you.” It’s not always feasible to be giving out prizes and time off etc.
  • But just recognizing you and acknowledging your presence in larger firms is a way of saying “I know you, you’re great, keep up the good work”

Natural Attraction

I think my boss likes me image
img src: Unsplash

That being said, If all the things mentioned below pertain to you, there are all chances you can be/ you’re attracted to your boss, thereby making him to like you in a romantic way. .

  • You are a human being
  • He/she is a human being
  • You are attractive, seductive, charming, beautiful, young or charismatic
  • He/she is sexually active with an ability to reproduce
  • You explicitly do not draw the boundaries of what is allowed and not allowed
  • He/she is professionally immature
  • He/she is emotionally weak
  • If you allow it
  • If the pleasure of the relationship is more than the pleasure of the career.

7 Signs to Tell if Your Boss Likes You in a Romantic Way

  1. Your glances become locked eyes (did his pupils dilate?)
  2. Casual, light touching. People don’t casually touch your hand or shoulder for no reason at all.
  3. He/she wants to get close to you so they either stand by you, or lean in towards you to move closer.
  4. They remove small, insignificant barriers. Is there a glass or coffee cup on your desk when he walks up? Does he move it aside?
  5. If you catch him staring at you, does he smile back?
  6. Does he mirror your body position? Body language? (you have your hands folded on the desk…he folds his hands on the desk across from you) etc.
  7. Does he verbally mirror you? Use the same words conversationally?

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Read the Story of a Contributor

“There is a job I had and my boss kept coming into my office to discuss the production schedules.

Even though no changes were ever made or even suggested in these meetings and well, production scheduling was my responsibility, not my boss’.

You’d think that if it was just to know what I was doing, I would either have been called to the boss’ office or asked to send the details over in an email.

About half the time, the boss closed the door to my office while coming in although there were no confidential plans to discuss.

The boss would often sit on the edge of my desk during these discussions.

I guess sitting in one of the chairs across from my desk would have given a feeling of reversal of roles, with me behind the desk and the boss in a chair facing me from the far side.

Since sitting on the other side of my desk did feel a little bit odd, the boss then started coming around and sitting on the end of my desk.

After Few weeks

She started sitting on my side of the desk beside my chair.

Sometimes the boss would lose balance for a second doing this and have to touch my shoulder to prevent falling off.

Sometimes the boss sat so close to me that the knees touched my arm and instead of quickly moving away, the pressure was steady.

The boss almost always wore a tight skirt when doing this and almost always sat on my desk with her knees facing me.

They were too close together to actually flash me but still it was teasing me for a peek.

She often leaned in close to me when talking too. Not quite far enough to reveal her cleavage but far enough that it was hard not to look just in case.

I’m pretty sure my boss was attracted to me but she was careful enough not to say it in so many words so it never progressed any further than the above. ”

What Can You Do? Can You Take it Further?

The ball is in your court. If you want to take this further then that is not his/her responsibility.

But it should be tread very carefully. Wait for your boss to make it happen.

Solution 1

Remember – right now everything is romantic, sweet, lovable and nice.

One day when the romance, the magic and the honeymoon phase is over – that is when pure hell breaks out.

And that is where all the problems begin.
So is this worth it?
You decide.

Solution 2

However, if the relationship is more important – ask your boss to help you get a better job elsewhere and then continue the relationship without any problems.

Also remember: he could possibly be or have been like this with many women, many new employees to the company.

How I met my wife

I met my wife at work (I was senior to her, though I was not her boss at that time.

But the moment we got married, I realized that she will be the boss at all points of time).

Thanks to God, we are now happily married. Last year she started school for her masters and had to resign from our company.

There are many couples where this is working.

Bottom line

I have seen many cases where this worked beautifully. It’s about understanding and complementing each other.

If you believe that your boss understands you both personally and professionally and cares for your personal and professional development, then either she/he is a very good boss or he/she may be interested in you beyond a professional relationship.

You can find out for sure by asking personal questions about his/her personal plans and dropping hints about your own future plans.

All the same, the hash advice of most people has always been:

“Be cautious, especially if you have to ask the question”

You are putting your job in jeopardy. Owners and upper management tend to side with their supervisors in workplace drama.

If your job is easily replaceable and you don’t mind people talking about you behind your back, then straight up ask him.

Pick a time when you KNOW he is flirting with you. Say, “I get the feeling there is something special going on here between us. Wanna see where it goes?”

That gives him an opportunity to say yes or to say no. If he says no, I think he will just be flattered and you can return to work the next day without feeling like you creeped on him.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the nuances of this matter and has helped you in making a uniform decision.

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Love Story Blog. Top 2 Love Story Blogs to Read Online

Love Story blog image

Why Search for a Love Story Blog or Watch Love Stories?

That’s because we get hope from them. Many of us imaging ourselves as the main character, and at the end we get hope. I mean we actually live in love for a moment and feel loved. When they survive, we can survive too. That’s what a love story blog can do for you.

What’s in it?

I have handpicked the 2 best love story blog (s). One from Africa and the second, which is a world best story blog. The love stories are written by individuals with different love ordeals…

In this article I’ll share two blogs / sites that share such stories. My approach to this is to make sure that I share love story blogs with non-fiction stories.

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Ebony Story – Short Love Stories Blog

Are you looking for an African based love story blog? Ebony story is one of the leading African platforms where people read and share fresh, interesting African stories online.

Story Genre include:

Romance stories, Adventure stories, Action stories, Spiritual stories, Horror stories. They also feature the Novels, poems and songs.




Web only


Free – No access/ registration fees required
Sign Up – No login required to start reading
Free access to post your story to the world
Short and straightforward stories


Ebony story was founded in the year 2017 by two brothers: Eze Louis and Eze Chima.

Wattpad – Love Story Web and App

With over 90million+ monthly visitors as claimed by the platform, Wattpad is a world widely served platform that creates an audience who can directly interact with the writers and share their opinions with fellow readers.

From my experience, although Wattpad has copyright issues due to the free access for users, there are over 665 million story uploads in total, which is an endless route for someone in search of romance and love stories.

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For tasks such as, Editing, creating, or reading stories, view profiles, comment or vote stories and post messages requires a registration.

Is Wattpad a Love Story Blog?

Yes. Just like Ebony story, Wattpad allows writers to publish user-generated content of different genres and for different groups.


Android, iOS, Web.


English, other 49 available languages. (actual count of: 32 languages).


Access to 665 million posts, your choice
Free, (unless you get Premium to turn off ads)
Multilingual – In up to 50 different languages
Good for learning or practising a new language
Free access to share your story to the world


Signup – Registration required to start reading
Categories – Not solely for love stories.
Comprises both fiction and non-fiction stories
Lots of unfinished products

Note: Although this site wholly requires an account registration to gain access to this website, it can still be accessed via clicking the links to their user-created stories or to their account profiles.

Wattpad was founded in December 2006; 14 years ago by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen.

Bottom line

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Cute Love Stories to Tell your Girlfriend. Top 3 Cute Bedtime Stories

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My Cute Love Storylines

That moment after I invited her for a mini date at night, I was lost in thought about whether to tell her how beautiful she was, how I felt the first time I saw her. Hmmn, distorting the grave silence was even my first concern.

I cleared my throat as I broke the silence. She was looking deep inside my heart. I could thoroughly read from her face.

We’ve been on a blind date for a month. That day, we met for the first time, so, it was a moment that we spent a lot of time together. I love reading love stories and it saved me that night.

In this post, I’ll share 3 different cute love stories you can tell your girlfriend. Depending on how creative you are, you can narrate with the Plus(+) and Minus(-) signs in few minutes.

The Purpose of these Love Stories

These stories are utterly emotional, and will create a new bond between you and your girlfriend. She will love you 1,000 times more.

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Cute Love Stories to Tell your Girlfriend

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source: marinersgalaxy


Source: Ebony story, Written By: Olaoluwa

Women they say are weaker vessels, but the people who brought the assertion forgot to add that they are also a wicked vessel too.

Women they say are weaker vessels, but the people who brought the assertion forgot to add that they are also a wicked vessel too. Click To Tweet

I’m Adam. The first child & the first male child of my parent’s 6 years old marriage then.

Ever since I was 5 and have known the story of Adam in the bible, I’ve always been careful not to take apples from any female folks.

While I was in the institution, l’ve got lots of female admirers but I’ve always tread softly and managed not to get involved in dating.

In as much as I tried, my heart failed me. I am this type of guy that gets emotionally attached to someone easily and that was where my problem started.

I managed to be in a mini-relationship with a couple of girls. Is it Jennifer? The Edo girl I met during our matriculation party ceremony?

Our relationship was like an El-classico during the reign of Mourinho and Guardiola in Spain. We never got along even for a week.

Within 3 months, I couldn’t cope with it anymore. I broke up the relationship.

Ngozi! The Anambra babe! My relationship with her started to become rosy and loving. We met at one of the cafeteria in my department and I realized she was from the music department.

Rehearsal today, performance at the multipurpose hall tomorrow. She almost finished my money.

The moment I realized my bank account was giving a red alert, I had to run away from her.

Nkiru, ljeoma, Fatimah the Fulani girl, Mercy. In fact, I can’t name them all. In summary, I have had about 11 short stints in relationships between my four years of stay in Owerri.

I suffered lots of heartbreaks and it was only by his grace that I managed to pass out with a 2.11 GP.

Two years later after NYSC during my master’s programme, I met Gift. The girl is so beautiful.

In fact, she was like a God sent. She drew me closer to God. Meanwhile, little did I know she was drawing me close to my grave too. My fellow readers, beware of church girls!

It’s been over a year into our relationship and no doubt, I know my search for a wife is definitely over. Gift was definitely the one for me.

One day, she called me and said we will have to fast for 100days to seek the face of the lord before I can introduce her to my family and vice versa.

I never thought twice about it. 20days into the fasting, I was getting lean. My friend, Kelechi called me to order that Gift can’t be trusted.

On the 76th day of my fasting, I received a call from one of my classmates to come to St. Anglican church, Ikot-Ekpene.

Getting there, I saw Gift, in a wedding gown with another guy in a white suit. It was Gift’s wedding.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My body stopped working the moment I got to the gate of the church.

The bride and groom were just coming out of the church and I could see Gift beaming with smiles. This was surely the greatest heartbreak I have ever suffered in my life.

For the record, I’ve suffered heartbreaks more than how Owen Hargreaves suffered injury in his entire footballing career.

I slumped and everything went black.

I never knew how long I had passed out but I met myself in the hospital. At first, I couldn’t recall what happened but sooner, it crept back into my memory again.

Gift is gone. 76days of fasting was just for nothing. How could she have broken my heart when all I have done was to love her unconditionally! Is this love?

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The Undying Love

Source: I Want To Go Home. Film

When the Japanese Tsunami hit in 2011, Yusao Takamutsu was at work as a bus driver going about his day.

His wife was also at work at her office building.

A massive Tsunami swept across the coast of Japan. Sirens sounded. News stations flooded the airwaves.

He desperately began trying to get into contact with his wife.

Half an hour after the alarm sounded, he received a text message from his wife, “I just want to be home.”

In the days following the Tsunami, surveying the apocalyptic wreckage, it became increasingly clear that his wife hadn’t made it.

Yusao Takamutsu was stricken with grief. “She will always be next to me, physically and mentally,” he said. ‘I miss her, I miss the big part of me that was her.”

In the years since, he felt a deep obligation to honor the final text message he received from her. He wanted to bring her home.

He went and learned scuba diving and began searching for her body. It was difficult as he wasn’t naturally good in the water, but became certified and got better at it with time.

Since 2011, Yusao Takamatsu has been returning to the waters near his home town every week to resume his search for his wife’s remains, hoping to honor her last request and bring her home.

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Michelle and Barack Obama

Source: Obama and Michelle

One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn’t too luxurious.

When they were seated, the owner of the restaurant asked the president’s secret service if he could please speak to the First Lady in private.

They obliged and Michelle had a conversation with the owner. Following this conversation President Obama asked Michelle, “Why was he so interested in talking to you? ”

She mentioned that in her teenage years, he had been madly in love with her.

President Obama then said, “So if you had married him, you would now be the owner of this lovely restaurant,” to which Michelle responded, “No. If I had married him, he would now be the President.”

Hope you liked the 3 cute love stories.

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Formal Meeting Rules. 10 Meeting Ethics in Business – USA

Meeting inside the room

Herb Cohen, USA, the world’s foremost expert on the art of negotiation, shared some formal meeting rules. Read and download for free.

Why Follow Rules in a Meeting?

Following rules keep pretty much everything in order. Generally, rules often create an ideal environment for people to co-exist, thus creating order and peace especially in a topic like this where we have professionals from different fields.

If you want to take your conversation to the next level in a meeting, you must create a first impression by following the specific rules for a formal meeting before you take it one step up.

In this article, I will open up to you the strict rules and orders to follow in a formal meeting. This article expresses the rules and ethics in both physical and virtual meetings.

So let’s get straight into it…

10 Formal Meeting Rules

formal meeting rules image

Mind the Time!

Be on time, or be 5 minutes early if possible. No one likes to wait or listen to stupid excuses… Appreciate others time & schedule by being on time and finishing on time.

Herb Cohen, USA, the world’s foremost expert on the art of negotiation, shared how one person called another a liar at a summit.

“We were supposed to begin at 10.00 A.M, and three of us were present at that time. While waiting for the fourth person to arrive, those already present kept glancing at their watches.

Finally, twenty-five minutes after the hour, Mr. Tardy walks in”.

“Ahem, I’d like to apologize somewhat for being a bit late,” he said. He didn’t stop there. “Although it looks like I’m twenty minutes late, I’m really not” When I first got…

Truly, we realized we were dealing with a person who was immature and unreliable. Unintentionally, he had affected the level of trust.”

What should he have done?
✒If you are twenty-five minutes late, you ought to say, “Please forgive me. I’m terribly sorry for keeping you waiting. I’m almost an hour late.

✒Everyone is busy. When you are late, the other person feels devalued. Being late says, my time is more important than yours. If this happens, you need to call and be responsible for your actions. Don’t make excuses, just be straight. “I am running 25 minutes late”

Check Your Attire!

Always do your research to be sure you present a relatable visual image to your audience.

✒Even if the future looks bright, please avoid wearing sunglasses on your head or face during a business meeting. Worse, you could be viewed as untrustworthy in certain industries and cultures.

Silent or Switch Off your Cell Phone

Having your cell phone in front of you during a business meeting is a distraction to both you and your clients and it sends a negative message that you don’t mind interrupting your meeting for something inconsequential

In today’s information age, managing emails, text messages, and phone calls takes considerable time. During business meetings, whether at your office, the office of a client, Cell phones should be turned off or on silent and be out of sight during business meetings.

Don’t be Desperate

Business likes winners – if you are one, show it; if you’re not one yet, showcase your winning expertise. Try not to Appear Desperate.

If you want business from someone, remind them periodically of your existence; don’t expect them to remember you from one conversation or trade show meeting.

Master Communication Techniques

Study various communication styles and learn how to identify an individual’s style of communication. This will allow you to approach the person with the most effective communication techniques.

✒You must be a good listener. There is no point imposing your views on others without some debate. No one has a monopoly on good ideas or good advice.

Formal Business Rule 6 : Good Gesture

✒When you’re meeting a new client, or customer, take the time to introduce yourself and build a rapport. Follow up after the meeting and discuss possible businesses.

When asked for a business card, stop what you’re doing, greet the person asking and show interest in him/her. Never turn your back on the prospective customer. If you don’t have a business card, explain that you ran out, ask for his or her card and follow up.

Also, stand when meeting a new client or shaking hands. Remaining seated while being introduced or shaking hands is disrespectful. Pretend like the person you are meeting is of some interest to you at the moment.

✒When someone introduces themselves to you at an event, it’s an opportunity for an exchange of value to occur. Focus your attention on them, and if you need to leave, excuse yourself, thank them, and move on gracefully.

Write Professionally

In this day of email correspondence, it is easy to become too informal. Learn to write a strong, appropriate business letter the old fashioned way and use it in your email. Use of acronyms is rude and unprofessional.

✒When writing email, be sure to address the person by the correct title, and by all means, spell their name right! Proofread it at least three times before you send it and have not her pair of eyes review it, too. You’ll be rewarded with a great, professional first impression!

The Power of the Written Word!

✒Do not underestimate the importance of the written word in communication at a virtual meeting . A poorly written message will have a greater impact on your business.

90% of the time, you can correct your own writing mistakes. Most errors are due to hasty writings, the most important part of the writing is the tone.

If the tone of the message is wrong, the message will be lost on getting to the reader. Please proofread your work and write well.

Communicate Appreciation

✒Spend your time telling your potential client what they do Right and not what they do Wrong! Tell the.m what they do right and they will continue to do right by saying YES!

✒Impress your clients and partners by communicating appreciation. Stating “thank you” will elevate you above competitors. Whether large or small, the gesture will have an impact.

Mind the Talk! – Formal Meeting Rule

If you happen to overhear someone discussing a situation and it is evident that you have a solution, resist the urge to ride to the rescue on the spot…especially if you have not yet met!

It’s a big turn-off and the person you are offering your services to won’t generally be open to hearing what you have to say.

✒Don’t give your sales pitch as if you’re throwing up, i.e. loud, in one breath, and ends with an “aah I’m done” kind of expression… Breath, ask questions, and let others talk too….

Final Words on Formal Meeting Rules

Do not be too casual with your clients. Although it is important to build strong relationships, keep it professional at all times.

Also, like I stated, “Check your attire! Always do your research to be sure you present a relatable visual image to your audience”

However, I have learnt that the guy with the sharp looking suit and big car was all appearance and most times with no money. Now I treat everyone equally, as it should be. So, never disqualify by appearance.

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In Summary, here are the 10 Formal Meeting Rules

  • Mind the Time!
  • Check Your Attire!
  • Silent or Switch Off your Cell Phone!
  • Don’t be Desperate!
  • Master Communication Techniques!
  • Good Gesture!
  • Write Professionally!
  • The Power of the Written Word!
  • Communicate Appreciation!
  • Mind the Talk!

Do you follow any other rules in a formal meeting? Let me know in the comments section below!

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6 Things a Man Can Offer a Woman Who Already Has Money in a Relationship

Image on Things a Man Can Offer a Woman who has her money in Nigeria

A lot of people have been made to believe that money is the only thing a man can offer a woman to keep a lasting relationship.

Well, that may be true to a high degree.

But why the increase in divorce each and every day, globally, even from highly well-to-do relationships, huh?

That’s to show you that money is not the only factor that makes a relationship last longer.

Although, dating in Nigerian now tells us how far a lady can go in dating up to 6 men who give a lot of cash, but that’s not in marriage.

In the age where “true love” between partners seems to be a myth, a well-to-do woman expects even more than money- she already has it, right?

That’s the purpose of this article.

Hey, I’m your John. In this article, I’ll write about 6 things a man can offer a woman who already has her money in a relationship.

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Love and Care

If you love someone , you naturally care for that person, right ?

Caring can have so many forms.

  1. External care: showing affection from the outside like asking her how she is doing, if she wants to go out to a concert.

How she slept last night, hugging her , kissing her and making her feel comfortable and safe.

  1. Internal(silent): taking notes of her health, covering her with a blanket when she is asleep improperly.

Thinking about what lifestyle, job, daily routine would be best for her, thinking about her likes and dislikes


Relationships are about companionship, how the other person makes you feel, how you feel with the other person, they are about that warm feeling that makes you happy and content.

#Relationships are about companionship, how the other person makes you feel, how you feel with the other person. Click To Tweet

As most of us learn with time, love is but an idea in our mind, a construct based on the kind of exposures that we have grown up with.

But usually, as most of us again learn with time, healthy relationships are based on the strong foundation of companionship.

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Respect is a combination of appreciation, admiration and recognition of a person being worth something. It can feel at times esoteric but most people understand respect.

True respect is seeing someone, flaws and all, and still feeling appreciation of their unique talents, gifts and insights. It is not expecting perfection nor is it beating someone into submission.

When we love and respect ourselves we treat others with respect and we receive the same respect in return.

Security (protection)

A secure relationship is one where love flows both directions, simple. One person cannot make a relationship healthy or secure because relationship is a two-way street.

What a secure relationship looks like

  • The people involved do not control each other.
  • The people involved are not jealous or possessive of each other.
  • They do not have to know at every moment where the other person is.
  • They do not check up on phone texts or social media and do not demand an accounting of all the time spent every day.
  • They communicate openly and honestly, even about things the other person might not want to hear.
  • They share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas without fear.
  • They do not judge one another.
  • They accept normal human failings, flaws, and imperfections, and forgive reciprocally one another’s errors.

Download ebook for free : Body Language Secrets in Relationship

Intimacy (sex)

I have read somewhere “Sex is just like money, more you have it, more you need it”.

I have read somewhere “#Sex is just like money, more you have it, more you need it”. Click To Tweet

Sex is a way that connects two people in a way that they have never experienced before, it builds an indirect relationship between them, just like a bond.

Men often choose a woman based upon the sex and end up falling in love, while women generally choose a man based upon the love they feel, and end up enjoying it.

Studies show that sex solves more problems than real face to face conversations ! in fact I have written something that’ll clear things –

Research shows that sex releases a feel-good chemical in the brain, which reduces stress levels.

Healthy Communication

Communication is vital in any relationship. Think mental togetherness.

Planning together, looking forward together, and facing difficulties together only works when there is mutual agreement.

You can’t build trust without communication. You can’t express love properly without communication (yes actions speak louder than words, but in a relationship words are important too).

Remember they all create impressions and memories that you’ll go back to in future. That’s why they are pillars that need each other to stand and form relationship.

Bottom line

What gives ladies satisfaction and joy in relationship varies. It can be money, sex, time and so on.

What gives ladies satisfaction and joy in #relationship varies. It can be money, sex, time and so one. Click To Tweet

Experiment each of them to see what works for your partner, and continue on the same thread.

Don’t forget to add to the list in the comment section as you share. Just below⬇⬇⬇

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People Say I Love You In a Lot of Different Ways (39 Ways)

People say I love you in a lot of different ways image

Different Ways People Say I Love You

Looking for some different ways of saying ‘I love you’? You can go for these ways.

There are three ways of saying I love you.

1. Using your vocals i.e actually saying I love you or tweaking the words in other forms.

2. Using your actions to perform for the person you love.

3. Making use of other languages. He/she would be curious to know the meaning…

In the first one , if you don’t have any feeling towards the person, saying I love you means nothing to that person or,

If you have love for that person, which is the size of a sky, saying it means a lot to the person who you love.

From the second one , these actions are made only by the people who are truly in love and can’t express their love towards the person.

But the person you love will definitely understand that you are in love with them and don’t even need to say it vocally.

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People Say “I love You” in Words

If you are planning a proposal, you can go with this one- Give your partner hand-written love notes by hiding them in unsuspecting places for them to find later.

  • You are my Bacon and Eggs.
  • If I had to choose between you or 1 million pies, I would choose you.
  • I have so much love for you that it swept me off my feet.
  • If I started walking, and never stopped, I would still never reach the end of my love for you.
  • I will love you until the sun implodes on itself and the stars rain down upon us.
  • I’ll help you through your hardest times, even if I’m not that good at helping people, I’ll still try.
  • You are the top trending topic in the Twitter feed of my heart.

“Actions speak louder than words” will forever be a true statement.

The best way to say “I love you” is to show it.

At the end of the day words are meaningless if they aren’t backed up with actions.

The best way to say “I love you" is to show it. At the end of the day, words are meaningless if they aren’t backed up with actions. Click To Tweet

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How to Express “I love you” In Action to Ladies

people say I love you in different ways
  • When she’s back from work, just treat her with something very simple. It may be with homemade noodles.
  • When she feels tired and wants to sleep, just turn on the fan/ac, cover her up with the blanket and turn off the lights so that she never gets disturbed.
  • Whenever she’s getting pain in her legs/head due to work, just give her a relaxing massage. It’ll help her to reduce the stress.
  • If she’s upset, just hug her and sit beside her so that she will realize your support.
  • Whenever she wants to talk with you but unable to sit on the couch properly then just open up your lap for her comfort.
  • If she gets angry on house works, just tell her to sit and make two cups of coffee or tea for both of you.
  • When you observe her eyes that she clearly wants something but is unable to tell you because it might be expensive, just save your money and gift it for her on her birthday.
  • When she has lots of office work which makes her bored and frustrated, just turn off her laptop or work.

Hold her hands and go for a quick drive or a quick walk under the sky. If possible, buy two ice creams for both of you.

How to Express “I love you” In 24 Languages

Ti amoItalian
Wo le niChinese
Je t’aimeFrench
Te quieroSpanish
Mo ni fee reYoruba
Mahal kitaTagalog
Ya vas liubliuRussian
Ina son kaHausa
Ik hou van jouDutch
Jeg elsker digDanish
Ich liebe dichGerman
Taim l’ngra leatIrish
Rwy’n dy garu diWelsh
A hụrụ m gị n’anyaIgbo
Diligam te in saeculaLatin
Kimi o ai shiteruJapanese
Tora dust midaramFarsi
Mina rakastan sinuaFinnish
Bon sro lanh oonCambodian
Ami tomay bhalo bashiBengali
Muhje tumse mohabbat haiUrdu
Hoon tane pyar karoo choonGujarati

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3 Romantic Moments in Relationship and How to Practice Them with Pictures

In this article, I’ve put together 3 of the romantic moments in relationship, and you’ll learn how to practice them.

Any healthy relationship should have these three moments combined. I hope you’d like it.

Let’s get started…


proposal in romantic moments image
Proposal png from

It is very uncommon in everyday life for a man to bow down and ask for anything, especially in Nigeria.

I view it as a moment in which the woman is recognized symbolically for the power she momentarily holds over the man. The power to say yes or no.

So, at the time of proposal, the man bows down to give her respect, surprise (by breaking the daily rule).

He shows her that she is everything for him and I care for you, your value, and respect you from my core heart. Please accept my offer.

And she smiles and says “Wow, I never imagined that, that you really do care for me and my respect, socially. Let me say YES before its too late.” Its all AWW moment.

Then she says yes and everything goes back to normal.

Or she says no and everything goes back to normal.

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How To Do It

Technically, the required posture is down on ONE knee, not both. Just as in the image above.

“It’s a sign of commitment. The woman accept it and every thing is changed forever or you are giving her the freedom to walk away, with nothing changed In her life.”

When To Do It

In reality, most of the relationships get matured enough before a proposal for marriage is made.

Although, it’s an emotional and special moment for each couple.

Both people can handle this with ease without being superfluous in their reactions because they know sooner or later this situation will be coming in the relationship.

Gifting Flowers

gifting Flowers img
Open door png from

Food is the way to a man’s heart. Flowers are the way to women’s. Or so they say.

Food is the way to a man's heart. Flowers are the ways to women's. Or so they say. Click To Tweet

Flowers may die but they last a lot longer than a dinner date.

One of the most common things that happen in the world is men giving flowers to women.

This has been a common behaviour among people from the different parts of the world since time immemorial.

Flowers are used to appeal to a woman or it is a way of telling her that “I was thinking about you all day and I thought I should let you know through this”.

At the point when a man gives a lady a flower, this goes about as a method of revealing to them they are excellent through activities.

For these reasons, I would give flowers to a woman.

  • Because, I love you.
  • Because, I like you.
  • Because they are beautiful and as such they reminded me of you.
  • Because you have been sad and I thought they might cheer you.
  • Because you haven’t been feeling well and this is all I can do.
  • Because I behaved like a jerk and this is how I’m saying I’m sorry.
  • Because I walked past them and appreciated their smell.
  • Because we had an awesome date and I wanted you to think of me.
  • Because you accomplished something that I wanted to recognize.
  • Because today is an important day for you and I wanted to observe it.

Flowers, they wither sooner or later, but the feeling of being able to receive it is awesome.

Flowers, they wither sooner or later, but the feeling of being able to receive it is awesome Click To Tweet

Anything unexpected is overwhelming, plus the fact that it is your boyfriend or spouse who made an effort on it, is really something.

Men, get your head out of your ass… Women love flowers and they love them most when there is no expectation or reason to give them.

Not convinced? Imagine sitting at home watching TV and unexpectedly a dozen chicken wings showed up with a couple of nice micro brews…..yep that’s flowers to a women!

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Intimacy (Sex)

Intimacy in romantic moments in Relationship
hand drawn png from

In a previous post, Relationship category , among other things, I discussed what sex is, and how it can strengthen your relationship.

Sex is an important aspect of any healthy relationship and if it is regular, it means your partner likes it too.

It is like an insatiable fire and it should be fulfilled.

The unfortunate truth is that sex ruins the majority of relationships because couples do not take the time or opportunity to learn anything about their significant others.

Are you unsure about your sexual interests? Are you curious about what you might enjoy?

Are you wondering whether you are ready for s^x? These kinds of questions are perfectly normal!

Imagine, if couples took the opportunity to learn about each other, even sexually before engaging in intercourse.

They will have full knowledge of their partners and sex. Once it happens, would be a lot better than simply jumping into bed.

Sex in relationships is a good essential part, however, it is not the only part.

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Thanks for reading this far, hope you liked it. Feel free to share other romantic moments in a relationship via the comment.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with someone who needs it.

Love Making Stories After Marriage in Nigeria 3 – Love Lessons

The marriage enviable lesson is the courtesy of Asiwaju Omoniyi Odeyemi a Legal & ADR Practitioner, Nigeria.

Can l love again? Is it a crime to love? Can l be healed of my hurt?

Can l love again? Is it a crime to love? Can l be healed of my hurt? Click To Tweet

Please carefully read this story and comment if it is advisable for the victim to love again.

I met Tunji during our service year and we both loved each other. In fact, we lived as couples throughout our service year.

He’s so caring and understanding and this made me to accept his proposal to marry him.

Immediately after my NYSC l got appointment with a manufacturing company in Ibadan as the Company’s Public Relations Officer.

My husband was unable to secure a job but nobody knew who was taking care of who. I loved my husband with everything I had.

My parents knew his predicament and they were also doing everything to ensure that my husband gets a job.

My parents gave me a huge sum of money to give my husband to start a business pending the time he would get a job.

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They also informed me not to let him know that the money came from them.

I gave my husband the money. It was after he received the money that he started misbehaving and coming home drunk with strange friends.

I had to report him to my parents; being prayer warriors, l joined them in praying for my husband.

It was at one of the prayer sessions that it was revealed that my husband was planning to use me for money ritual.

I did not believe until one night when my husband thought l had slept and he wanted to touch my forehead with a fetish idol tied with a red cloth.

l grabbed his hand and contended. He slipped and that gave me the opportunity to run out of the house in the middle of the night to our neighbor’s house.

I forgot to carry my 6 months old baby until the next morning when l begged our neighbor to help me pick my baby.

That was how I left Tunji. I recently met a guy who accepted me and my baby.

He is always there for us but my problem is that I found it difficult to love again and l can see that the guy is getting tired of all my pranks on him.

Please what should I do as l am scared?

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Love 💖️ Kit

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This kit is made for partners with interest in exploring different sex positions. Strictly 18+.