How My Friend Hook up with a Stranger at the Airport

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      Love Buddy

      It is my friend’s story, so not sure he would want me to write it on a social platform, but if he happens to kill me… at least I will have the last laugh…(literally)

      He was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai and was checking in his stuff at the airport. A sweet girl was standing in the adjacent queue and their eyes met.

      A courteous smile they both managed (Believe me, he isn’t that brave, but that day something got into him) somehow. It should have been the end of story.

      They didn’t even know that they both were travelling to mumbai or not.

      Next came the security check, again a smile….Well now my friend got interested. By the way just interested he had been for many other ladies prior to that.

      But something was about to happen that would change his life ?….ummm…he never knew..

      He happened to take a seat behind her…So following was the arrangement

      U=unknown stranger

      U G S
      F S S

      My friend was a bit heartbroken as he thought the seat adjoining the girl shall stay vacant when it was not filled by ‘U’ until the last minute before the security measures cheerleaders were there in front of him.

      He got too busy ogling them for few minutes before bringing his thoughts back to the girl.

      Then it happened.
      My friend to the Unknown stranger: Ummm….hey
      U: Hey
      F: Could you please switch the seats with me? ACTUALLY SHE (THE GIRL) AND I ARE TRAVELLING TOGETHER.

      Yes he actually said that(The one moment of courage he had), and switched his seat with the stranger and Voila, they(My friend and the girl) are getting married this December.

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