The Honeymoon Trip

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      Love 💖 Buddy

      A boy and a girl were traveling in a train, sitting facing each other.

      Girl: Why are you looking at me for the past 1 hour?

      Boy: I am really thankful to you for looking at me for the past 1 hour.

      Girl: Hmm. Clever.

      Boy: Default from birth. But enhanced with your presence.

      Girl: Nice. Do you always flirt like this with girls?

      Boy: I don’t understand why girls give this tag when boys pour out their honest feelings.

      Girl: Acha.. Okay. What’s your name?

      Boy: Hmm. How about “A guy who you met on a train”.

      Girl: Why? Do you feel shy to reveal your original name?

      Boy: No, I just got bored with everyone calling me with my original name. So for this special person, I wanted to be called with a different name.

      Girl: Okay. At least let me say my name. It’s ….

      Boy: I know your name too.

      Girl: What? “A beautiful girl on a train”?

      Boy: “A girl who made me travel on this train for no reason”.

      Girl: What?

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      Boy: Yes, Actually I came to give a send off to my friend. But from the moment I saw you on the other side of platform to this moment, I was only guided by my feelings. Its only after you started talking I came back to my senses.

      Girl: You are crazy, do you know that?

      Boy: I hear that a lot. But today it reached a new level.

      Girl: What’s so special today that made you reach this level?

      Boy: There are many scientific definitions for this, but in short I can say that it is LOVE. I have fallen in love with you.

      An Uncle sitting beside them had had enough with this boy and shouted.

      Uncle: I have been watching you for a while. How many times did you say the same thing to the other girls. Where ever a girl goes, these type of perverts always follow. Let me call the TC. He will give you a deserving answer.

      Girl: Uncle, Please don’t get angry and sit down. Please listen.

      Uncle: What is there to listen? You don’t know about these boys.

      Girl: I don’t know about other boys. But I know about him. He seemed like a good guy.

      Uncle: Arey, All these things he said are just trash. Before marriage, every one will say the same, but when the actual time comes, they will show their true colors.

      Girl: Exactly Uncle. That is why he is saying this after marriage.

      Uncle: What?

      Girl: Yes Uncle, He is my husband. We had an arranged marriage few days back and now we are going for our honeymoon.

      In order to pass our time, he gave this idea as what if we had a love story before and we acted accordingly.

      Uncle: (in a playful tone) Stupid children. I almost got your husband arrested.

      By the way boy, you really gave an honest proposal. And it’s your honesty that deceived me. Sorry about that.

      Boy: Its Okay Uncle. In every love story there’s always someone who says no. In our story, you became that person and with you our story is completed.

      Uncle: How it is complete for the girl hasn’t replied to your proposal?

      Everyone in the compartment looked upon her for the reply.

      Girl: I think it is already too late to reject his proposal. But anyway, for the sake of his efforts, I will accept him.

      Everyone laughed and clapped for their love story.

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