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How to Fix a Broken Relationship with 3 Letter Templates – Nigeria

Every good man and woman deserves a decent partner, a replicate of themselves. I know true love might have died since, but we still have traces of true love. How can I convince you?

I’ll pretend I didn’t say true love still exists because of the brutality you’ve experienced on this love issues.

Hey! I’m John, I’ll share with you three templates you can just copy, edit and use to probably settle your matter.

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I personally wrote the first template and birthed the other two. It’s arguably settled my love matter with my ex.

If you think you’re the good guy, these templates are for you.

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How to fix a broken relationship With Template 1

Hello __,

Today is such a great day for someone you’ve loved. Never thought I ever wished you on a season like this before. I want to wish you a happy valentine, being that you’re one of those I’d loved. At the same time, I wanna seek your allegiance on our last note.

This might sound crazy or, whatever, but for who I am, I must be cleared.

I said something: I’ll always love you in as much you’re there for me… __, in your most softest words, please lemme know your position- where you stand.

It’s been a while now and truthfully, someone might be at your inbox wishing you a happy and sweet val.

No hard feelings, just lemme know, so I can break my words and carry on!

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How to fix a broken relationship with Template 2

Hey! Love,

Time has passed, season has changed but time never changes. Needless to say, “I missed you” because this has always been our song until the day you said to me, “I am done, we’ll end it!” without giving reasons.

I always think your action was as a result of our little quarrel we had in my house, not until I realised that it was because of your past. __, do you think that’ll solve your problem?

Your past is gone, learn from it and apply it to your present to have a great future.

I found that you’re still single and I’m ready to welcome you with open arms. I can use my life to save your past..

Don’t you think it’s gonna be fun if we can live together, forever and ever? I still love you!

How to fix a broken relationship with template 3

Hello dear,

How can you know I loved you?
Prove it to me! This has always been your endless request.

If I lie and say “I truly love you from the dept of my heart”, how would you know I lied to you? Yes, I’ve done wrong, I’m guilty and now I’m accepting all allegation against me.

Did I cheat on you? No. Did I disrespect your parents? No. Did I confiscate your property? No. All this are pointing to the fact that I truly love you. I want you to be mine. Baby, I don’t wanna miss you anymore!

Bottom Line

The best thing in relationship is to be loved by the person you’re dying for, the person you truly love. If he/she truly loves you and you think you’ve offended him/her, please don’t let her go!

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John is a Writer and Blogger. He sees women as a treasure that should be protected at all cost in a relationship. John is the founder of Lyrical Ng Blog

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