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Love Making Stories After Marriage in Nigeria 1 – Love Lessons

I’m so delighted this morning to share one out of the love making stories after marriage episodes.

The marriage enviable lesson is the courtesy of Asiwaju Omoniyi Odeyemi a Legal & ADR Practitioner, Nigeria.

This is what I call a critical story from a Bloodshedding heart. You shouldn’t only read but also leave a word of advice for the subject of the topic and to others as regards this topic.

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“The story tells words about two lovers who met and fell in love in a college, proceeded to different universities, finally settled as a family and had a twin. At a point, the wife had a hard-to-confess experience with an armed rubber”

That incident is trying to tear up their love and marriage apart right now. Please read thorough!

I met Yele at Oyo State College of Arts and Science (Oscas) , Ile-Ife and we so much love each other.

After our HSC at Ife, Yele got admission to study Accounting at University of Ife(Now OAU) while l proceeded to University of Ibadan where l studied Guidance and Counseling.

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Yele is a good man, very caring and godly. He was the President of the Student Christian Fellowship on campus and because of faith, he never had sex with me until we got married.

Yele was very surprised to meet me as a virgin and he told me that he has never had sex with any woman in his life and he vowed to continue to love me and not any other woman till he died.

On our wedding night Yele warned me against adultery and that if l committed adultery that would be the end of our marriage and l promised him too that l will never know any man until l died.

Shortly after our wedding l conceived and l gave birth to twins, two boys and on the day we named our twins my husband advised me to go and do family planning as he has no plans to have babies again but I ignored his advice.

My husband is always traveling from one state to the other searching for contract but always in touch with us.

One night I was on phone with my husband when l heard a heavy bang on the door and to my surprise they were armed robbers.

They locked up my twins in the toilet and their leader had 3rounds of sex with me that night before he left our house.

I couldn’t tell my husband that the robber had sex with me but l told him that they carted away our valuables.

The next day l went to the hospital to go and clean up so that l won’t be pregnant.

Yele arrived the following day to check on us but we did not have any intercourse for 2weeks because he has a special prayer.

After two weeks of the rape incident my husband had sex with me and shortly after, l missed my period.

I told my husband and he was very angry and l told him that I want a baby girl since l have given him two boys and he took it in good faith.

Fortunately, I gave birth to a baby girl who eventually became a Medical doctor and she got appointment with University College Hospital lbadan where she met her husband too.

My daughter is happily married until this faithful day she met a man at one of the popular eateries in Ibadan who walked up to her and told her that she resemble one of his daughters.

According to my daughter, the man brought out the pictures of his daughters and nobody seeing those pictures would doubt that he’s not her father.

The man further told my daughter that when she gets home she should check her laps and if there’s any black mark then he’s her father.

My daughter came to me and we both checked her laps and only to find the black marks and at this point I started crying and my daughter was asking me whether I know the man.

I then narrated how l was raped by an armed robber but l couldn’t tell her my husband.

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Eventually, l met the man and l immediately recognized him as the armed robber now an Evangelist and he told me that he would like to claim his daughter.

What should l do? Should l report him to the police? Should I tell him that he is not the father of Princess? Should l inform my husband? Please I am confused.

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