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Love & Marriage Lessons

Love Making Stories After Marriage in Nigeria 3 – Love Lessons

The marriage enviable lesson is the courtesy of Asiwaju Omoniyi Odeyemi a Legal & ADR Practitioner, Nigeria.

Can l love again? Is it a crime to love? Can l be healed of my hurt?

Can l love again? Is it a crime to love? Can l be healed of my hurt? Click To Tweet

Please carefully read this story and comment if it is advisable for the victim to love again.

I met Tunji during our service year and we both loved each other. In fact, we lived as couples throughout our service year.

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He’s so caring and understanding and this made me to accept his proposal to marry him.

Immediately after my NYSC l got appointment with a manufacturing company in Ibadan as the Company’s Public Relations Officer.

My husband was unable to secure a job but nobody knew who was taking care of who. I loved my husband with everything I had.

My parents knew his predicament and they were also doing everything to ensure that my husband gets a job.

My parents gave me a huge sum of money to give my husband to start a business pending the time he would get a job.

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They also informed me not to let him know that the money came from them.

I gave my husband the money. It was after he received the money that he started misbehaving and coming home drunk with strange friends.

I had to report him to my parents; being prayer warriors, l joined them in praying for my husband.

It was at one of the prayer sessions that it was revealed that my husband was planning to use me for money ritual.

I did not believe until one night when my husband thought l had slept and he wanted to touch my forehead with a fetish idol tied with a red cloth.

l grabbed his hand and contended. He slipped and that gave me the opportunity to run out of the house in the middle of the night to our neighbor’s house.

I forgot to carry my 6 months old baby until the next morning when l begged our neighbor to help me pick my baby.

That was how I left Tunji. I recently met a guy who accepted me and my baby.

He is always there for us but my problem is that I found it difficult to love again and l can see that the guy is getting tired of all my pranks on him.

Please what should I do as l am scared?

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