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Love & Marriage Lessons

Love Making Stories Before Marriage in Nigeria 2 – Love Lessons

The story is the courtesy of Asiwaju Omoniyi Odeyemi, a Legal & ADR Practitioner, Nigeria.

So sad brother, you loved her foolishly and let this be an eye opener for you.

Why will you be buying properties in the name of a girl you’re not married to?

Why will you be buying properties in the name of a girl you're not married to? Click To Tweet

Sponsoring her in school is not enough, you fucked up big time. May God heal your broken heart.

The above comments struck my feelings and I thought sharing would do good.

Have l done something wrong to love my girlfriend with all my heart? Chinyere is the only love of my life and l did everything to show my love for her.

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I work with a second generation bank and l’m in charge of the forex department of the bank and it was a privilege to have been made the head of that unit.

As the head of the unit I made extra money apart from my salary and l used this money to train my girl at lgbinedion University where she studied Petroleum Engineering.

Chinyere introduced me to her family and l was welcomed and was appreciated by her family for taking care of their daughter.

I was well pleased with the hospitality l received from her family and this further strengthened my interest and love for her.

In fact, I discussed the issue of traditional marriage with my in-law to be but they advised that l should wait till she complete her studies. I agreed with them.

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Imoh! Imoh! Imoh! My friend called! How many times did I call you? I replied Evans my bosom friend, three times.

And he asked, why are you buying all your properties in your girlfriend’s name?

I told him that l want to show her that l love her and what belongs to me also belongs to her.

Hmm! Women are not reliable and if tomorrow she refused to marry you, what would you do, and even now that you have used your money to acquire properties in her name?

I told Evans that the Chinyere that l know would never do that and that he should stop wishing me evil.

When Chinyere came to my house l told her everything my friend told me and she assured me that she would not disappoint me.

I made attempt to sleep with her but she refused on the ground that I can only deflower her on the night of our wedding.

This further convinced me that my Chinyere is a virtuous and Godly girl.

I pampered my girl and gave her every support to excel in her studies and she graduated as one of the best graduating students in her department.

This gave her the opportunity to study her masters at the Stanford university, USA..

After her studies in the US, she returned to Nigeria where she was employed by the NNPC and posted to the headquarter in Abuja.

I called my girlfriend that it is now time to settle down as husband and wife but she disappointed me.

Instead of being happy, she told me she needed to make money before getting married.

Any time l call her from that moment, she’s always fond of telling me “am at a meeting” or “l will call you back” or totally ignoring my calls.

Even if I queried her, she would tell me l am choking her. In fact her attitude was driving me crazy.

However, due to the recent merge and acquisition in the banking industry, my bank was merged with another bank and that was how I was laid off.

I traveled to Abuja to meet my girlfriend only to find her pregnant. She cried when l asked her why?

She told me that it was her colleague in the office who slept with her and she has been warned not to abort.

I asked her to return all my properties in her care and she bluntly told me that what property?

Is it the property in my name or in her name? I felt like killing her instantly but l cautioned myself.

I left Abuja to Owerri to inform her parents about what was happening, but to my greatest surprise, her parents supported her.

They also told me to accept what happened in good faith and that it was not ordained in heaven that she will be my wife.

I further told them to tell their daughter to release my properties but instead l was chased out of their house.

Please should I let go of everything? What should I do?

That's why I'm sharing this sympathetic love story so you won't fall victim.

“Don't buy properties in her name when you are not yet married"

The moment I read that he bought properties in her name, I knew it will end in ‘premium tears'

My dear you don't do the wrong by loving her and showing that you really care for her.

Move on in life she will regret later in life. One day, she will come and beg for your forgiveness

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