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Low Cost and Profitable Online Food Business Ideas for Mothers in Nigeria(2021)

If you sabi cook, I bet you, these low cost and profitable online business ideas are for you.

I know Nigerian mothers are good chefs. I see a lot of young couples and mothers post their foods and recipes across social media networks.

Painfully enough, most of these people haven’t realize they can turn their simple but brilliant ideas into an effortless side hussle.

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Here is a chef on Facebook who lives with the nature, prepares nature food and shows the world how she does it.

Dove Abioye Debbiecooks

Picture Courtesy : Dove Abioye Debbiecooks

In this article, I’ll share with you the 4 uncommon food business models worth considering as a stay-at-home wife.

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4 Online Food Business Ideas

Nature foods

Eating outside my home is not my ethic, no critics meant.

We have people who eat outside because of the nature of their job, and now trying to adjust.

Most of these guys don’t really know how to… and are looking up to an up-to-date platform they can follow suit and learn a lot of things about their nature food.

There are restaurants also looking forward to upgrading their food services.

Are you a Yoruba, Ibo , Hausa… food savvy? You can take the advantage and make not just quick buck but recurring income.

Are you a Yoruba, Ibo , Hausa… food savvy? You can take the advantage and make not just quick buck but recurring income. Click To Tweet

Amateur chef lesson

Like a contract based stuff, you’ll need to find a chef who will give you lessons.

This is an extra step if you want to go into foods you know nothing about or step out of Nigerian foods.

I love this idea because you’re now going to the business part of it. You leverage on someone’s knowledge and you get paid for it.

You may need to come into terms by paying the chef and agreeing that your lessons are protected- no distribution.

There are full range of teachers from professionals who can put on lessons at their restaurants, to local mums who want to make a bit of extra money from their home.

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License your photos

This is aimed at taking cool photos of food and licensing them. ‘A professional food photography’.

Try and monetize by selling the most popular pictures to the restaurants and cafes to use. License it for people and websites to use for #XXX

Note: these pictures must be taken by you, else, there’ll be copyright issues.

Become a broker

Find the most popular images of food. Contact the photographer and ask if they’d be interested in licensing it.

Then get in touch with the restaurants/ websites and take a middle-man cut.

Similar to the “amateur chef lesson”, you want to sell photos that you don’t own?

Your best bet is to be a broker and get your cut out of it- any amount that pleases you.

Basic equipments you may need:

•A clean kitchen/ workspace

  • A good smartphone /or Camera- optional
  • Create free Social Media Accounts i.e Instagram/Pinterest
  • A tripod to hold the Phone/or Camera

You may also want to get:

• A Social Media Manager to run ads
• A developer to build a website to sell your Licensable photos

Major drawbacks

Lack of technological know how

In this age of smart phones and computers everywhere, people still find it difficult to make use of them to the fullest.

That smartphone in your hand worth 150K is not just meant to watch films,  play music and play games.

For some of you with camera , a standalone instrument to take pictures and videos with custom settings. I believe that’s an added advantage.

Saturated Niche

The truth about every online business is that the market is saturated.

The cake here is to niche down and see what works for you and just do it.

Various ethnicities exist in Nigeria and each has it own untapped advantages and prospects.

You can dive into your nature food and go international. I bet you, thousands of people are out there looking forward to your expertise.

Huge following

When I started my first blog, it was really exhaustive. Everything requires patience.

But there’s a shortcut, you can speed almost every process with money. You may even need to hire a SMM.

The point I want you to note here is that every business standing today has stood the test of time .

If you truly want to have a brand out of this business model, then you must understand that everything takes time.

You don’t need huge money to become a small business owner.

You don't need huge money to become a small business owner. Click To Tweet

The first step in starting a business with no money is to keep your current job and launch your small business as a side hustle.

I hope this article has helped you to see the in dept of the topic and perhaps, answered your questions.

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