My Crush Doesn’t Like Me Back What Do I Do? How to Make Him Ask You Out

My crush doesn’t like me back what do I do? Loving someone who doesn’t even like you at all can be so painful, it makes you wonder if life is even worth living.

As a man, I know that feeling. It takes so much time to get someone to love, and that person to reciprocate that love.

Men may not fall in love for certain reasons. It might be your personality, their past experiences…In fact, some men are afraid of the vulnerability that comes with opening up to other women…

Why Does My Crush not Like Me Back?

Below, I’ll share some keys that will make you attract and gain the heart of your crush. It also answers the question “reasons why your crush doesn’t like you”.

Exercise, Keep Fit, Eat Good

This shows you want what you crave and that you’re willing to get it despite the opposition in front of you.

Be Mentally Sane

For the most part. It makes it harder to fall for an unstable and mentally insane person.

Have a Unique Personality

Be your own person, but be different from the rest of the crowd. Have stories to tell and experiences to share, have that addictive personality.

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Learn New Skills

If you can pull off crazy magic tricks or dance well or sing or play an instrument, people are more likely to be drawn to you as well. 

People like people with skills- those that they lack, especially with opposite sex.

Whatever the reason is, rather than giving bunches of theories, I’ve put together simplified practical hacks to answer the question “My crush doesn’t like me back what do I do?” and start the “I love you” lifestyle you’ve dreamt of.

Please get yourself a cup of coffee and walk into a quiet room where it’s only you and me communicating. I have good news for you!

How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You Without Talking

More than making him like you back, you want to show him that you’re everything he’s ever wanted, but how?

1. See him a lot

make a guy to ask you out by seeing him alot
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Familiarity breeds attraction. The more you see someone, the more attracted they will become to you. This goes regardless of how attractive you actually are or how attractive they initially found you.

In the same way, studies show that just seeing someone frequently can boost how attractive you think they are. Here is…

What to do

Get some face time with him. Do this only if it can be done naturally; don’t be a stalker and show up at places where you think he’ll be … well, don’t do that too often anyway!

It’s fine if, for example, you were invited to a birthday party and normally wouldn’t have gone, but you know he’ll be there, so that changes your mind.

If you see him a lot and he’s had ample opportunity to take things to the next level and he isn’t doing so, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

Familiarity breeds attraction, but it can also breed contempt. Remember there are two sides to every coin, and you need to go with what your gut is telling you, not just blindly follow a series of steps.

If you feel pretty strongly that he’s not interested, move on. Someone else out there will think you’re amazing. But if you think there’s a chance, he could be attracted to you, use this to make him more interested.

2. Ask for Small Favors

ask for small favors
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Ask them to do small favors for you. Nothing that requires much effort, things like can you hand me the remote please? or

Can you throw my sack of garbage away since you are passing the trash can on your way? or would you be so kind as to hold the door please?

I know what is going through your mind. you think they will get irritated with you asking for them to do things you could do for yourself.

You think it’s a way to get you to like them and you already do so that’s a waste of time, right?

It doesn’t work that way. You are not understanding what really happens in their head. That’s why you are in the friendzone.

What really happens in their head, especially when they start to wonder why they do all this shit for you, is that their subconscious mind begins to say I must really like this person. 

If I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t be doing all these things for them.

And their subconscious mind convinces them that they love you. Then it becomes very difficult for them to see that they are being manipulated.

There is no way to change their mind as long as you keep getting them to do little things for you that you could just as easily do for yourself.

The strongest relationships are between people who are constantly asking each other for favors. They bond in a way that is a little too close for other people to understand.

3. Ask Him for a Dinner

make a guy to ask you out by inviting him for dinner
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Dinner, never lunch. Why dinner and not lunch? Lunch is for business meetings. Dinner implies romantic aspirations. Did he say yes? Okay, that’s the first firewall.

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When setting the date ask two questions.
  • Is there a preference you have regarding food? and,
  • What do you plan to wear so that I may dress to match?

The first is to prevent food-borne allergies or preferences in tastes from ruining the evening.

The second is to ensure that embarrassment on that front is minimized. If your date is wearing a suit or dress, don’t show up in jeans.

During the date stay away from three topics. Politics, religion, and exes. Politics and religion are issues to save for the third date.

Exes are a topic to save until after the six-month mark.

NB: If you are not over your ex you should not be dating.

Bill paid? Good. Date isn’t over though. Is there a museum or park or something along those lines in your area? If there is, go there.

Otherwise, come up with some activity that keeps you in close proximity to one another and preserves the lines of communication.

This may just mean going to a bar but ensure that the bar is quiet enough to allow communication.

A movie is right out of the option. Movie theatres effectively discourage talking.

Dinner done? Good. Are you thinking about him? Keep things simple on the phone. Tell him that you enjoyed yourself. Ask him if he enjoyed himself as well.

Did he? If yes, proceed, the journey will be continued by him from there, promise!

If no, pack it in and find someone else.

Most of the steps above are tricks and hacks designed to make you get their foot in the door- but men still have their decisions.

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