People Say I Love You In a Lot of Different Ways (39 Ways)

Different Ways People Say I Love You

Looking for some different ways of saying ‘I love you’? You can go for these ways.

There are three ways of saying I love you.

1. Using your vocals i.e actually saying I love you or tweaking the words in other forms.

2. Using your actions to perform for the person you love.

3. Making use of other languages. He/she would be curious to know the meaning…

In the first one , if you don’t have any feeling towards the person, saying I love you means nothing to that person or,

If you have love for that person, which is the size of a sky, saying it means a lot to the person who you love.

From the second one , these actions are made only by the people who are truly in love and can’t express their love towards the person.

But the person you love will definitely understand that you are in love with them and don’t even need to say it vocally.

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People Say “I love You” in Words

If you are planning a proposal, you can go with this one- Give your partner hand-written love notes by hiding them in unsuspecting places for them to find later.

  • You are my Bacon and Eggs.
  • If I had to choose between you or 1 million pies, I would choose you.
  • I have so much love for you that it swept me off my feet.
  • If I started walking, and never stopped, I would still never reach the end of my love for you.
  • I will love you until the sun implodes on itself and the stars rain down upon us.
  • I’ll help you through your hardest times, even if I’m not that good at helping people, I’ll still try.
  • You are the top trending topic in the Twitter feed of my heart.

“Actions speak louder than words” will forever be a true statement.

The best way to say “I love you” is to show it.

At the end of the day words are meaningless if they aren’t backed up with actions.

The best way to say “I love you" is to show it. At the end of the day, words are meaningless if they aren’t backed up with actions. Click To Tweet

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How to Express “I love you” In Action to Ladies

people say I love you in different ways
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  • When she’s back from work, just treat her with something very simple. It may be with homemade noodles.
  • When she feels tired and wants to sleep, just turn on the fan/ac, cover her up with the blanket and turn off the lights so that she never gets disturbed.
  • Whenever she’s getting pain in her legs/head due to work, just give her a relaxing massage. It’ll help her to reduce the stress.
  • If she’s upset, just hug her and sit beside her so that she will realize your support.
  • Whenever she wants to talk with you but unable to sit on the couch properly then just open up your lap for her comfort.
  • If she gets angry on house works, just tell her to sit and make two cups of coffee or tea for both of you.
  • When you observe her eyes that she clearly wants something but is unable to tell you because it might be expensive, just save your money and gift it for her on her birthday.
  • When she has lots of office work which makes her bored and frustrated, just turn off her laptop or work.

Hold her hands and go for a quick drive or a quick walk under the sky. If possible, buy two ice creams for both of you.

How to Express “I love you” In 24 Languages

Ti amoItalian
Wo le niChinese
Je t’aimeFrench
Te quieroSpanish
Mo ni fee reYoruba
Mahal kitaTagalog
Ya vas liubliuRussian
Ina son kaHausa
Ik hou van jouDutch
Jeg elsker digDanish
Ich liebe dichGerman
Taim l’ngra leatIrish
Rwy’n dy garu diWelsh
A hụrụ m gị n’anyaIgbo
Diligam te in saeculaLatin
Kimi o ai shiteruJapanese
Tora dust midaramFarsi
Mina rakastan sinuaFinnish
Bon sro lanh oonCambodian
Ami tomay bhalo bashiBengali
Muhje tumse mohabbat haiUrdu
Hoon tane pyar karoo choonGujarati

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