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Where to go on a First Date with a Girl (in Nigeria) ,Top 20

Where to go on a first date with a girl is one out of top 5 questions people ask in relationship circle, because it sets the pace for your proposed relationship.

It has been observed that in our generation today, dating is considered as an arbitrary thing where two individuals meet and get to know each other better in a secretive environment.

(Man and woman) meet and go out to a cinema, get snacks …, or meet in shopping malls and several other places, in the name of getting to know each other. Cool? Yea!

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If your date is someone new to you and probably has come for a visit in your area or something, it can lead to long distance relationship, if treated well.

At first, thinking about where to go on a first date with a girl can be disturbing.

Sometimes, it is often because the saying “where to go on a first date” encompasses a lot of factors, like dressing, anxiety, and yes, EXPENSES, which is usually one of the hardest things to plan.

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Hey! Keep calm, we got the right plug for you.

Well, your best chance to make things happen is meant to be on the first date.

So, going on a first date, you need to be simple, provide opportunities and get set for whatever it brings.

Today, I am going to take a distinctive approach.

Rather than listing dozens of places to go on a first date, I have handpicked 20 places that I think you need most for the date.

Let’s get straight into it,

Go on a photography tour

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My first pick.
Going on a photography tour is a nice treat for a girl on a first date.

When your girl is a shy type and feels she doesn’t belong in the society because of discrimination and family background, then taking her on a photography tour will excite her.

Make her feel special, important and make her feel her beauty by showing her how beautiful she looks.

Treat her like a model through photography tour, it will give her endless remembrance and make her love you more.

Take her to historical places, important monuments, museums with outstanding artifacts, zoos and other great nature places.

Go with a camera and take pictures together.

Going on a photography tour will make a great first date for your girl.

Going for A Picnic

Pulling off an intimate picnic is tied in with laying the right foundation to make the date more comfortable.

A bouquet including beautiful roses like flowers, will surely lay the right foundation for a cozy picnic.

A vintage rug covering makes for an incredible outing cover that is both strong and stylish.

There’s additionally nothing more romantic than a candlelit, so bring along candles for a picnic that will last into the night.

Picnic cannot be complete without delicious food or snacks.

For this lovely picnic, you ought to choose food that are light and can easily be digestible.

More like the nuts, olives, cured meats, gourmet cheese, or you can as well purchase snacks from the close by store- ’twill also be lovely.

Getting fruits for that romantic picnic can also be a good idea.

Now you will be asking what kind of fruit will be cool for a picnic with your date?

Well, you can as well get fruits like strawberries and watermelon which are usually refreshing for an outdoor picnic.

Now we are missing out the drinks. Don’t you think getting sparkling champagne would be nice for the step down after eating the food or snacks?

So, remember to stay hydrated and bring lots of water since you would be under the sun.

You can also think of games to play while on a picnic because a romantic picnic is more of spending time together.

Look for games like chess, ludo games and so on.

Going to A Bar

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Ever thought about going to the bar as an option for your date?

Well, it can also be interesting deciding to take your date to the bar because it’s one of my favorites.

Drinking one or two glasses of wine or cocktail will be cool for your date.

Mind you, you aren’t taking her to get her drunk but it can make you both feel relieved.

The main deal here is for you to have a drink and get to know each other better.

Try sitting close to her and while talking to her, you can as well play with her hair and when she feels more intimate, you can as well pull her close for a peck on her forehead or chick.

Take A Walk

Taking a walk on a date is also one of the best, why?

You see, the more you experience together, the more bond you build.

Most times people don’t usually think that taking a walk could actually fit in for a date but I bet you, it’s one of the best because you can bring up discussion from the surrounding areas.

From my experience, I’m sure she would be amazed if you try this.

Go Hiking

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Taking your date on a hike is also a good one for your date.

I know you might be literally confused about the difference between taking a walk and hiking.

Well taking a walk is usually for short distance while hiking is usually for a long distance.

So if you are sure that your date would love walking for a long distance then you can go hiking with her.

Going to The Cinema

This is common in Africa. Why? Because they feel it’s the best way of taking their girl on a date.

I won’t say it’s bad because it can be romantic, especially when the movie is about love.

Hopefully, she could be touched by the movie and want to stay closer to you. So, ensure you stay very close to her.

While at the cinema with her, you can as well get her popcorn with ice cream if possible.

Try finding out time to make her smile by explaining the film better to her- she would still want to hear from you.

Based on my opinion, I don’t really think you should be distracting her while watching a movie.

Just let her feel the holy spirit in the romantic movie, and when she becomes intimately romantic, she would come closer to you.

Getting Snacks

Another lovely way you can take her on a date is getting her snacks.

Well, you might be wondering “is it for you to go out there and get her snacks to eat? ”

You need to get your date snacks in a right way.

What I actually mean is, you can invite your date over to your place but before that you should have gotten the best snacks from the nearby store.

After you invited her, probably done some sort of gist in your own way, then wait for a while before bringing out the goodies meant for her.

Mind you, try to also get yours so as to avoid uninvited salivating and boredoms.

I’m sure, getting snacks will be cool because your date can actually be an Oliver twist, asking for more… Lolz.

Tell me who doesn’t like snacks.

Go Skating

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I have heard a lot of questions of which goes like this, “is ice skating or skating good for a first date? Absolutely yes!

Skating with your date is one of the amazing ideas to easily bond with your date on the first day. This shouldn’t be as a means to impress her but to build up that closeness with her.

Going skating is very fun, but to achieve its fun part and see each other laugh out loud, you don’t need to feel embarrassed each time you fall.

It really tells a lot about you and you will get to understand her.

Skating is amazing and a means of trying new things with her which is perfect for first date, she’ll love it!

Going to The Park

Visiting a park is another interesting place to take your date.

Mind you, when I talk about park you really need to be careful when choosing because some parks don’t worth it.

Where you take a girl to on a first date demonstrates who you are.

Where you take a girl to on a first #date demonstrates who you are. Click To Tweet

Parks have a lot of interesting insights and things to do, you can ride together in one of the rides, take a walk, do picnic and lots of interesting things to experience.

Going to a park is very fun and cool- you will get to talk at length and understand some things about her.

By so doing, bonding with each other will be so easy.


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Do you think swimming will work on a first date? Sometimes “Yes” and many times “No”.

Yes, in the sense that the girl involved enjoys swimming and doesnt feel shy being with you (shy of seeing her real figure, beauty and other things).

Going swimming will make a great date and very fun.

By going swimming, getting intimate with her will be a lot easier.

On the other hand, “No” in the sense that the girl involved is a very shy type and moreover she doesn’t want to feel intimate or you seeing her real curves.

In this case, going swimming will be a very bad idea for her.

So, you need to be extra careful when choosing swimming for a first date.


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Wow, dancing is probably one of the great ideas for a first date, be it dancing in the club, in the bar, taking a dance class and so on.

Dancing adds a great vibe to first date and trust me “she who wines and twists her waist so well is equal to task in her bedroom skills” lol.

But this doesn’t mean if she can’t dance, she can’t also be equally good in bedroom.

Dancing is a wonderful form of artistic expression when you can learn about her likes, her favorite music, and what she does at her leisure.

Dancing with her makes her feel special around you, it is very lovely.

Note: dancing is more fun when the girl is a dancer and loves expressing herself.

Attending A Sporting Event

Most girls dislike a sit-down ping pong question-and-answer date and attending a sporting event is one of the artistic and action-packed event for a first date.

For you to achieve this, first the girl needs to be a lover of sports, enjoys going sporting or loves action date.

Mind to choose a better cool place for the event, not a noisy place so you can get opportunity of talking with her and knowing more about her.

Attending sporting event can as well make up for the whole date but a walk after, chilling at a spot will make it wonderful.

Sporting events like going to a stadium for games, playing tennis, baseball and other interesting games will make a good choice.


Partying is one of the amazing ideas for a first date with a girl. Most girls love parties more than other outing.

Do remember- taking her to a party is not to impress her. Instead, to know more about her.

There are so many things to do in a party which she might get excited with:

Try and flow with her experience.
Engage her in drinking, dancing, playing games and so many others.

By so doing she will be bond easily with you.
Don’t take her on an awful part noy, because it defines you’re awful.

Parties are great places for your girl on a first date, make her excited and comfortable and see how easily bonding with her will be.

Go Road Trip

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Can road trips serve a full date outing?

Yes, this is one of the best places to take a girl on a date, girls love adventures.

When you take a girl on a road trip to places around her that she hasn’t visited, she will be so excited and feel so on top of the world around you.

Why head towards a restaurant when you can actually hit on the road.

Drive her to interesting places, landmarks, historical places, discover nice picnic

spots, take photographs etc., make her feel relaxed and comfortable with you and get to know more about her.

Girls love nice treats and road trip is one of them.

Visit the Zoo

I must confess, outdoor dates are exceptionally great.

Visiting a zoo create less intense, intimate and enough opportunities to know and teach each other well.

For nature lovers and animal lovers, visiting the Zoo is great with so many things to keep your date lively.

You can try a walk next to her, looking around the zoo, feeding the animals, laughing with the animals, try romantic moves, take pictures and so on.

This will make your date one of a kind.
Here, you will get the chance to know her more and easily bond with her.

Go Dessert Hunting

There are so many places that offers amazing desserts in your area, take your time and identify the best for you and take your date there.

Sharing dessert or going on dessert hunting, will make a very positive vibe and give you chances to meet again.

Treat her nice, share your dessert with her, sometimes make her laugh, try feeding her most times, it will go a long way.

Going for dessert hunting is one of the best places to take your girl to when you’re in doubt of where to go on a first date with a girl, try out and thank me later.

Playing Games Together

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You are the one to decide if you want a fun date or not.

In order to achieve this, pick out a great place that you both can be comfortable with and decide on a game to play together.

Be willing to be open-minded. With this in mind, conversations can flow evenly.

Playing games together will make a great team and you will get to understand her more.

Playing games together will make the best choice for a first date with a girl.

Try A Swing Class

You don’t need to be a perfect dancer for you to engage in a swing class on your first date.

Even though both of you are not great dancers, trying out or learning the ‘swing dance class’ together will enhance your closeness.

Playfully engage in a swing class on your first date and see how you become free around each other.

By so doing, bonding will be an easier task from there.

Go to A Concert

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Have you ever seen admired couples sitting side by side in an entertainment? How do

How did you feel? It was really amazing, right?

Going on a concert on a first date is one of the best choices depending on the girl involved.

Over 90% of girls love music, and taking them to a live music concert will excite them.

This might increase your chances to take her out with you again.

In a music concert with your date, you don’t need to talk much because words and conversations flows naturally.

You will get to know things she loves doing, her best musician, artists etc.

Going to a concert with her will make an amazing first date.


Have you ever thought of turning yoga to be your date night?

Well, a yoga date will actually get you and your partner moving because couples that usually engage with physical activities most times are emotionally attached to each other.

Now your mind will be reasoning on what exactly should I do in other to turn yoga into a date night. Let me borrow you my ideas.

Inviting her only:
You can make your date night one of the best of its kind by inviting only your partner for a yoga.

Well, it can show that you are trying to show up for romance also, but that’s still cool because her mind will be relaxed.

Setting up Yoga room:
Setting up yoga room will be cool, you can start with lighting up candles, spreading your mat in the room, set pillows and wait for your date.

Am sure with these, your date night will be the best of its kind.

Button line

  • Going out for a date is about building connection
  • Shifting to different places during a date feels like you have been on more than one date- it helps the girl feel more comfortable and trust around you.In turn, She’ll open up to you.
  • Through all the date, let her talk more. Ask questions and listen to her. The more you let her talk and open up, the more she’ll feel the mythical chemistry women seek.
  • Do not spend a lot on first date. Do not try to over-impress her. Just take it easy.
Do not spend a lot on first date. Do not try to over-impress her. Just take it easy. Click To Tweet

In conclusion

First dates are all about knowing and understanding each other more.

The activities you choose or engage her with matters, but fun and active date will increase every chance of which should be your top priority.

Make her happy on the first date and watch her look forward for another one.

Treat your girl nice because whatever you do on your first date has an effect to your later.

Have fun together!!!

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